Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post Valentine's Trauma

            Post Valentine’s Trauma

                 by Linda Goodnight
          (With apologies to Robert Browning)
How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.

This is how I love thee, oh glorious Valentine’s Day.

I love thy heart-shaped boxes wreathed in ruffles.

I love thy peanut clusters and dark chocolate truffles.

I love thy Godivas and Doves, Hersheys and Lindts.

I love thy brownies, cupcakes, and buttermints.

I love every sweet you bring to me

Almost as much as I love thee.

And so my hinder parts no longer are slim,

And my post-Valentine’s trauma is a daily trip to the gym.



  1. I have never thought of Valentines as a passive aggressive holiday but I do now!

    Thanks for the giggle this morning.

    Peace, Julie

  2. Oh, I love this poem, Linda. It's so true to life! Good job.

  3. Hi Linda:

    I think your poem is very clever. And it scans so well. Perfect for the occasion.


    I think everyone just assumes that Robert wrote that poem to his lover, Elizabeth. Men are the great troubadours. But Elizabeth wrote the poem.


  4. Thanks, all. I had a giggle writing the poem. Glad it gave you a smile.

    And Vince thank you for the correction. I never get my Brownings right. Now, my brownies, that's a different matter. lol

  5. Hi Linda:

    That was so funny that one might think I was your straight man. Wonderful!


  6. I'm feeling silly and giddy today because I finished a proposal and met my deadline!

    Vince, you can be my straight man any day. I just couldn't resist.


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