Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post-Justin Bieber Letdown

Missy, here. And my daughter is a huge Justin Bieber fan. So much so that when she heard about a pre-release showing of his new movie, Never Say Never, she begged me to get online the day the tickets went on sale to buy them. So right at 10 a.m. on a weekday a few months ago, I purchased us tickets to go see the movie 2 days before it officially released. In our package, we got special purple 3-D glasses and a badge to wear around our necks. Oh, and glow sticks. (Yes, picture me waving my glow stick as he sang!) :)

My daughter was thrilled when I got those tickets. We talked about it for the next two months or so. And on February 9th, we went to see the movie. Went waaay early to get good seats. Stood in line. Then finally went in to get ready for the show. And then after all that waiting...the movie started.

Oh. My. Gosh. The screaming girls nearly made my eardrums bleed. :) Especially the first time Justin reached out his hand, and in 3-D it looked as if he was reaching out to each one of them. It was a totally thrilling experience for my daughter. But on the way home, she gave a big sigh and said, "It's depressing when something you've looked so forward to is over."

I told her it's like that in life. I get in a bit of a funk after a big conference or retreat. Or after an event I've been really looking forward to. And as we're thinking a little this month on the blog about February being the month of love, and post Valentine's Day, I realized that some of us may be experiencing a bit of a holiday let down. (Some may have this worse after Christmas or a birthday.)

It's just something we have to deal with. And I'm wondering what each of you does to handle the letdown after a mountaintop experience.

P.S. The movie was really good!


  1. I wallow in self-pity for a while and then kick myself in the rear and get motivated again. :) I've suffered that syndrome so I've learned to try and not get my expectations too high. My daughter is a closet JB fan. On your advice, that movie will be a rental cause my eardrums won't be able to take the noise. Hmmm. Maybe a good slumber party movie where I can hide in my room....Thanks for posting.

  2. I guess Justin is the David Cassidy for today. LOL. Okay, I confess, I like JB's hair, but I'm amazed that it apparently takes hours for him to get it just right.
    Oh, and I'm seeing JB look alikes in my classroom. As for the girls, I'm seeing the Twilight main character. Interesting.
    Me, I look like Kathy Bates, but that's accidental and takes no time.

  3. Kim, only the most fanatic were there for the pre-release. It may have calmed down in the crowds a bit by now. :)

    Pamela, you're hilarious!!

  4. Missy, I would love to have seen you at that concert! But I feel for your daughter and the 'it's over' syndrome. I'm like that about really good books! (Okay, and OU football season, but don't tell anyone. :-)

  5. I do that at the end of really great books, too, Linda!!

  6. Beiber fever! He is cute. And I agree with your daughter. I always hate it when a good book has to end. I want to stay with the characters a while longer.

    I get that way after Christmas. It's all over but the wrinkled wrapping paper. Then it's on to Valentine's Day and the last piece of chocolate. I guess the lesson is to savor those special times and then savor the memories. Missy, at least you'll have that memory of ringing eardrums and happy girls when she gets older and falls for someone else :)


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