Friday, March 25, 2011

Ask Elnora--about diamonds and pearls?????

We were all sad to hear that Ellizabeth Taylor died this week. She lived a very colorful and full life and Elnora has always admired her beauty and her jewelry. Let's face it, the lady knew her diamonds. And she had some very big jewelry. But then, Elnora believes in having wonderful shiny bling. There is something about sparkly things that just brightens the day. Now Elnora prefers pearls, lots and lots of pearls. I think Southern girls are practically born wearing pearls. I've seen babies with little pearls in their tiny ears. Elnora doesn't go that far, but I do recall wearing baubles and those feathered Barbie shoes around the house when I was a tiny tot. And I always had a handbag on my arm.

What is it about bling that makes women happy? Marilyn Monroe sang "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" and maybe she was onto something. It might seem frivolous to some, but size doesn't matter when it comes to jewelry. I still have the simple pearl earrings my darling Big Daddy gave me over twenty-five years ago and I love them. He gave me the matching necklace one Christmas, early, so I could wear my pearls with a little black dress to a party. One year, he gave me tiny diamond stud earrings and I wear those a lot. He hid the matching darling tiny diamond necklace inside a book like a shiny bookmark. The man does have his moments. So, let's talk, ladies and Vince. Why do we love jewelry, small or large??

And thank you, Elizabeth Taylor, for your timeless beauty.


  1. It makes us feel pretty...
    I think wearing jewels is like a status symbol. The more plentiful the jewels the more desirable the gifter finds us. Other woman speak this language and respond.
    My darling bought a pair of diamond studs for me and gave them to me by dropping them in the hood of my coat when he hugged me. Very romantic. Like yours, he has his moments.
    And a fond farewell to a classy and beautiful woman.

  2. You know i'm one who doesn't wear alot of jewelry, I do go in stages when I turn 40 I was given a gold cricket bat charm and money I bought a gold chain and wore it for a few years. I have the opal necklace mum gave me on my 18th I work quite a bit. normally wore something to church. But then 3 years ago I went to Hawaii and go some cheaper stuff from Maui Divers. Black coral a necklace bracelet and ring. Its a little fancy for everyday wear but I do love it. The ring is too big. this Jan I was there again and got a new ring that fits and wear most days and a more simple piece to put on my gold chain and also a nice beaded necklace and bracelet that look really pretty but can be worn every day without looking like you are overdressed.
    Dont wear earrings im allergic to pain.

  3. I think Big Daddy needs to write a How-to column for the Craftie Husbands titled "How to shop for bling!"

  4. I do love my pearls, too, Elnora! I've worn them since college. Finally got real ones when my hubby gave them to me about ten years ago. :)

    I'm also a sucker for diamonds. I love sparkly things! Recently bought some blingy flip flops and have enjoyed the recent hot weather so I could wear them. :)

    Hey, Pammer! So glad you dropped by! Love the idea of jewels in the hood of your coat. :)

    Jenny, you black coral sounds beautiful!

  5. I agree Pam. If there's ever a next time around, that will be one quality I will look for. :) I love both diamonds and pearls. It depends on the outfit. I inherited a ring from my grandmother that my grandfather bought her in Hawaii a long time ago that has a diamond and pearl in it. It's my favorite bling. Okay, I admit it, I love all bling. Jewelry is my weakness. My daughter is going to be very lucky one day. Goodbye Elizabeth, your grace and beauty will be missed.

  6. Hello, lovely ladies. Pammer, it' so good to see your pretty face today. I worked a little too long last night so I'm getting a late start this morning. Bu what a joy to see that we have some new faces here and that you all love bling as much as I do. What nice stories about your gifts and treasures, too. Missy, glad your honey gave you some precious pearls. Do you know that the more you wear pearls the more beautiful they become? The oil from your skin seasons them to a nice patina. And Jenny, I love opals, too. That is my son's birthstone. My daughter's is sapphire. I have jewelry with both. When we consider that all gems come from the earth, we really need to thank God for the amazing beauty he created. And care for it. As Elizabeth Taylor said, she was only borrowing all of her treasures. She wants to pass them on to the next generation. I think that's part of why women love jewelry. What a great discussion!

  7. Oh, Pam T, I had to laugh at your suggestion that Big Daddy write a column about shopping for bling. He usually waits to the last minute then in a panic, rushes into the local rare coin store. (Where they have exquisite jewelry too). He's given me some very lovely treasures found there. In fact, for our thirtieth anniversary he gave me a nice "big" ring. I still have my smaller engagement ring on my pinkie finger. Sigh.

  8. I find that while I still like jewelry, I don't wear it very often like Jenny.

    As for Liz Taylor, I think she would have traded in all her diamonds for the lifelong love of man like your Big Daddy, Elnora.

    True love is the true jewel IMHO.

    And the trinkets we receive are merely symbols of it. But you can get the bling without the love--centuries of mistresses knew that. But I'd rather have the love.

  9. Hi Elnora:

    I think there are three major reasons why women like jewels.

    1. Status.It is a way to show power, prestige, and success. Historically women received their social status from their husbands. In this respect the jewelry worn by wives also benefited the husband.

    2. Security. When women could not own property or very much else of value in their own names, jewelry was the exception. The man might leave but the diamonds should stay. Being valuable, diamonds might help the woman survive to get back on her feet. This is why “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

    3. Attractiveness. When women were judged by the status of their husbands, attracting the attention of the best males was very important for the single woman. You have to be noticed to be selected. Jewelry is a way to be accessorized and enhanced. It didn’t hurt to show you had some money, too.

    Men usually do not have these motives and as such are not that much into jewelry. However, if jewelry becomes a male sign of status and power in a given society, then men will seek it for themselves not unlike women. Look at the bling in the Rap community and on Mr. “T”.

    I have not been successful buying jewelry for my wife. Almost everything I have bought her over the years, she does not wear. She always wears that jewelry, and there is a lot of it, that means the most to her. She will not change what she is used to wearing.

    I think for some men jewelry is not the best gift.


  10. Very wise thoughts, Vince. I'm sorry you haven't been able to hit the mark with your wife's jewelry. But I do think women tend to wear the jewelry they love the most and sometimes that's not the pricest or the shiniest. Lyn, you are so right. The real treasure is the love between two people that endures without any adornments. That is true bling!And that is why my most adored pieces of jewelry have a story behind them. When someone is thoughtful, when a loved one shows how much they care, that is true romance. And as legendary as a movie star's many loves. When I told Big Daddy about Pam's suggestion and that I mention him often, he said, "Oh, great." Not in a good way, either. :)But he did smile.

  11. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer either. I wear my wedding ring but that's about it. I've also always preferred sapphires and amethysts over diamonds and pearls, so my wedding band is a diamond and sapphire anniversary band.

    Even though I'm not much in to bling, I don't think I'd mind having a pair of your blingy flip flops, Missy. ;)

  12. Vince,
    When we were dating, my husband was spot on with jewelry. I have a bracelet I always wear that he purchased for me our first Christmas together. When our son was born, they had to break it to get it off. Since then, nope. LOL

  13. I feel feminine when I wear some bling. Like a princess from when I was a kid playing dress up.


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