Thursday, March 3, 2011

Easy to be Hard

Allie Pleiter here.
I like to laugh.  A lot.
Therefore, people think I’m easygoing, but the truth is I’m a control freak.  I’m flexible and adaptable, but only on MY terms.  Force me to adapt, or take me in ways I don’t want to go, and I’m not such a sturdy creature.  
The reason I write so many characters trying to wrestle their control back from God is that I live that particular temptation daily.   The reason I think so many people respond to my characters is that I’m pretty sure I have lots of company in this department.
There’s no end in sight.  I just realized today that both Lana and Mack from my upcoming Love Inspired Historical YUKON WEDDING are control freaks in their own way.  You know what they say--”write what you know.”
Culture is eager to encourage this temptation.  After all, we live in America, Land of the Self Sufficient.  A “To Do List” queen like myself doesn’t like it when someone else messes with my agenda.  

I’m always striving to put my life in order because I think it’s my job.  I keep forgetting God might have a better plan (“might’?  Who am I kidding here???  He does. Always.)
In my life, in my writing, even in my knitting, I’m striving to learn to loosen the grip a bit this year.  What about you?  Are you striving for worthy goals, or just striving?


  1. Allie, I'm the same way! And after reading your post, i started thinking about my characters. They often learn that they need to follow God's plan for their lives, not their own agenda. Guess I'm writing what I know as well!

  2. Allie, the temptation to try to control things in our life and the lives closest to us is a MAJOR bad. And I'm just as prone to it as you! Unfortunately.

  3. Hi Allie:

    Is “Yukon Wedding” part of the contemporary “Alaskan Brides” continuity series? I see it takes place in Treasure Creek! I just loved that series because so much of it was outdoors. The reader could really feel the Alaska experience.

    Is it a six book series? Do you know who gets to plant the ‘treasure’? Will we see the church being built?

    With this series you have to worry what the other authors are writing plus what happened in the future. Because now, the future is history.

    This project seems very unique to me! I'd love a post on writing in a continuity series.

    BTW: ‘controlling’ isn’t so bad. Mothers have to do it with both themselves and their children and one sure has to control oneself or end up like those out of control Hollywood types.

    It’s all a matter or degree. The Golden Mean usually works.


  4. Allie, the heroine I'm writing now has that problem, trying to control everything and how the hero and boy he's helping are reacting. They need to fix their lives and she's willing to do it for them.

  5. Vince, YUKON WEDDING is a prequel of sorts. It gives the founding history of Treasure Creek, and it's one of three historicals that form a mini-series of their own involving Treasure Creek's history. Yes, I'm the author who gets to "plant" the treasure! As you can imagine, writing a book to dovetail with a future that's already written is a bit of a challenge. Luckily, I had wonderful characters to go along for the ride.

  6. Allie, I don't know what you mean about being a control freak? I've certainly never felt that need! Hah! I'm not bossy; I just have better ideas! I think we try to control because we fear. And we know God can handle our fears and our need to control. Great post!!

  7. I dream about order, but seldom acheive it. Sigh


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