Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Clubs

Who here belongs to a book club? Go ahead, raise your hand. I'm counting.

One, two, three, do I see four? Yes, and five, six and so on. Book clubs are popular. Why? Because a good book is meant to be shared the same way our love of reading is meant to be shared.

I've been the speaker at several book club meetings. If you are an author, a book club is the perfect place to speak. Chances are they've read at least one of your stories and they want to ask questions about the characters and how they came about. I enjoy talking about my imaginary friends as much as the next person. It's fun to share how they came to life in my brain. In a way, this blog is an extension of a book club. We meet here to read about our favorite author's experiences and catch a peek into their lives. It's a fun place to meet where books are important.

If you belong to a book club, tell us about it and why you enjoy it.
I'm sure you've noticed the questions for discussion in the back of all the Love Inspired books. Do you find the questions thought provoking? Do they make you see the story in a different light?


  1. I haven't joined a book club yet but I have visited lots of them. I'm a slow reader, as in, I fall asleep because I usually read at night. I so appreciate book clubs for bringing readers together and creating lasting friendships.

  2. Hi Lenora,
    Glad you see you. I don't belong to a book club. I don't read as much as I used to what with deadlines always hanging over my head. I'm grateful for readers who get together and discuss our stories. That's why we writer them.

  3. This isn't about Book clubs, but about books and readers.

    Don't miss this blog party, featuring Christian authors. Drop by. Leave a comment & Maybe win a Kindle!

  4. I'm going to speak to my first book club in a couple of weeks. They read my last book and asked me to come.

  5. Leann, I'm sure you'll enjoy youself. Book club members are the best kind of audience.

  6. My goal is to join a bookclub. The two that I'm invited to both happen on nights I cannot attend (church night Wednesday and RWA meeting night). I think it would be great fun.

  7. I would love to be a part of one but just don't have another night in the week while my kids have all their sports activities. I think maybe it'll be something to join when the empty nest hits.

    I do love visiting them and talking with them, though (when one of my books comes out).


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