Friday, March 11, 2011

Elnora loves a good party???Lenora Worth

Hello, Friday People. I had a lovely time this week visiting Publisher's Weekly and dear Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book Blog.
She threw a week-long party to celebrate her blog. (I'm pretty sure it was the fourth anniversary, but Elnora ate too much and shopped too much so I'm a little fuzzy on the details.) Those wild and wacky Seekerville chicks took over on Wednesday and wisked us all away to a tropical island. Every girl's dream, right? And Captain Jack Sparrow was there. Ahoy! Then on Thursday, it was YA, inspirational and non-fiction. The lovely ladies of Love Inspired showed up to have fun because the virtual setting was .... gasp .... a shopping mall.

So let's talk shopping? Why do women love to shop more than men? Why do women love shoes so much? Why do some women (bless their hearts) not like shopping so much? Can we find a way to help them? What's the best bargain you ever found, ever??

Elnora will be in and out today because I'm off to a wonderful local conference ( I baked Ghirardelli double chocolate pecan cookies for the speakers. Elnora can become domestic when an editor or agent is going to be visiting!

So ask away and discuss. I will check back between packing and doing my conference duties. Don't you just love Fridays???


  1. I shopped more than I was in my thirties.
    Now, I shop maybe once a year and I tend to binge.

  2. I love to shop! And I think my daughter is coming around to love it, too--as long as we're shopping for her. :)

    My husband doesn't enjoy it at all. If he needs a new dress shirt or pair of shoes, he goes straight to Dillard's and buys the first one he finds. In and out in 10 minutes. He doesn't care if it's on sale or anything! It just kills me!!

    I think the best deal I've gotten was about 90% off for my hubby at Nordstrom Rack. About $2000 worth of sports coats, pants, shirts and ties (very nice quality, of course) for about $200. I impressed even him that time! (Of course, he still just goes to Dillard's and pays full price!)

  3. How about sharing your pecan cookie recipe? Sounds wonderful.

  4. Did you know that historically that department stores developed in the late 19th century to be a gathering place for women? That's why the best all had tea rooms. I read a book on Marshall Field (a pioneer) who established Marshall Field in Chicago. I hated to see it sell out to Macy's a decade ago.
    BTW, I hate Malls!

  5. Oh, Lyn, I love malls! Love the smells, sounds, crowds...

    I recently took my daughter and friend to a movie and waited in the food court with a hard copy of my current book I'm working on. Loved working there with all that white noise!

    Thanks for the history lesson! Reminds me of the tea room I always heard about in the former Rich's in downtown Atlanta.

  6. Hello, darlings. The chocolate chip cookie recipe is on the back of the Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips bag. Pretty easy, even for Elnora who loves to make reservations for dinner!

    Lyn, I do love tea rooms. A lot of the major department stores used to have dainty little tea rooms, but alas, that trends is going away. I think the Macy's in New York still has a restaurant. At least my cookies aren't as expensive as those famour Neiman Marcus cookies. Remember when that was going around on the Internet? Once when we were in Dallas, I begged my husband to let me walk through NM. He said "Well, hurry. It costs to just look in that place!" Sigh. Men don't get it. The best bargain I ever got. A $250 suede coat at Coldwater Creek. It was marked down, then I had a 20 percent off coupon. I got it for a mere $1.08. Yes, one dollar and eight cents. Even my frugal husband was impressed!!!

    Okay, lovely blog lurkers, I know you have comments and questions. Ask away. I'll check back between packing for our local conference. Btw, Ramona Richards and Cindy Kirk are speakers. I think we'll have some fun together!

  7. The women's group at my church had a giant clothes swap including accessories with a french afternoon tea so that help u get a great new outfits within a budget, i love book shopping more than clothes whereas my sister and mother love clothes shopping!

  8. Oh, I love book shopping as well!! :)


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