Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

This is Margaret Daley. Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. This year Easter is one of the latest dates it can be which means Ash Wednesday is usually not this late either (the latest it can be is March 10th). What does Ash Wednesday mean to you?

To me it means the start of the most important season in the Christian Church--Lent and Easter. To me it is even more important than Christmas. It is when our Lord Jesus fulfilled his purpose. He died to save us. Lent and Easter are in the spring--a time for renewal.

The reason it is called Ash Wednesday is because the ashes from the palm crosses from Palm Sunday the year before are used to make a cross on a person's forehead on Ash Wednesday. Some people give up something for Lent--a food they love to eat, a bad habit they are trying to kick. Ash Wednesday is the start of that "fast".


  1. For me it is a touching season where we prepare not only for His Death (the sad part) but also for His Ressurection (happy part).

    I cherish Lent because somehow in modern societies it's a "season" that goes unnoticed allowing to focus more in all its meanings and vivencies while, for example, on Christmas we tend to get distracted (even exasperated) with the Commercial Fanfarre created around.

    I'll attend the ceremony in my church late in the night; so this day - in a way - symbolises our lives as Christians: the looking for, the serenity of accepting what will hurt and the certainty of a Good ahead.

    Peacefull and Blessfull Lent to all.

  2. Hi Margaret:

    To me Ash Wednesday is a time to be reminded of my own mortality and that what I do in this life can determine how I spend the next.

    Christ did his part but we still have to do ours. Nothing drove this belief home more all year than the priest applying ashes to my forehead and saying:

    “From Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

    The priest tells and the ashes show.

    Ash Wednesday is important in and of itself.


  3. I used to sing in different church choirs and always felt that practicing for the Easter and Christmas cantatas prepared me for the holiday coming. I miss that.:-(

  4. Easter and Lent is such an important holiday to Christians but it is definitely overshadowed by Christmas.

  5. Ash Wednesday is the start of the most important holiday to me!
    Have a peaceful and blessed holiday!

  6. Lent and Easter are a special time to remember on a deeply personal level what Jesus did for me and what it cost Him. It reminds me anew of the great love that God has for me as an individual.

  7. It's always very meaningful to me. We have an Ash Wednesday service as well.

    Vince, it is very sobering. When we received the ashes on our forehead, they said, "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. Repent, and believe the gospel."

    It makes me grateful.


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