Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Keeping track of the Pesky Email

Terri Reed here, I recently made the switch from a PC to a MacBook Pro. In the process I had to switch email programs, which in one way was a blessing, because, believe it or not, I had over 40K email in my inbox on my old computer. About five years worth. No wonder the machine was dying. I know, crazy, right! But I just couldn't let anything go. Especially in the beginning when I first started using email. Over the last year I've been better about reading and then deleting, but still.... So when I opened up the new email program on my new laptop, I made the decision that I wouldn't hang on to anything that wasn't necessary. Okay, well, I've already probably reneged on that decision-I'm a work in progress. But I have made folders! And every time I open my email I either move the post to a folder or delete it. Yes, I do have a miscellaneous folder for stuff I'm not sure I want to delete but not sure why I'm keeping either, ugh!
I probably need therapy for this.


  1. Love those misc files. I have one too. Doesn't everyone? I tend to hord e-mails, too. Every oncein a while I go through my folders and get delete happy. Glad I'm not alone!

  2. LOL, Terri! My husband, who's the most organized person I know, has alway laughed at my "to be filed" file that just grows and grows. :)

    It's similar to my MISC. folder in my email. Just like yours. :)

    BTW, my email has 11,068 right now, so it looks like I'm aiming for your record. Beware! ;)

  3. I have lots of "saved" e-mail. I "Keep As New" more than I delete. I'm a cyber-hoarder!!!!

    There I admitted it! Now about my real office!!!! That's even worse. I did have to clean it up very quickly this week since I had some company.

    Good thing I don't have company on my computer.

  4. If you need therapy, then so do I. I have things in my favorites folders and in folders on AOL simply because I DREAD the idea of printing or saving copies. I do periodically go through them to see if they're still relevant. But who has THAT much time.


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