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Meet Jenny!

It’s March, and when the month first hit, we had a killer opening day contest that reintroduced readers to the Craftie Ladies of Romance. Who won the contest? Meet Jenny. She’s an avid reader and maintains a blog called My Buckling Bookshelf. Here’s a picture of a tiny piece of Jenny’s house (lots of books photo here) Welcome, Jenny! Tell us a little about yourself.
Thank you, Pamela. It's good to be here. I'm blessed to be a SAHM to two lovely daughters, ages 4 & 10, and my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on Ground Hogs Day this year. In addition to reading, I enjoy listening to Bluegrass music, watching FOX News (I'm a bit of a political junkie), spending time with my family, and hanging around the library or local bookstore. I am night owl who enjoys a bit of peace and quiet after my family goes to bed. My reading genes come from my mother and I'm pleased to have passed them on to my 10 year old daughter.

After Anne by Roxanne Henke, The Debt by Angela Hunt, and Jimmy by Robert Whitlow are your favorite books. Tell us, what spiraled them to the top of your list? What did the author do that won you over?
Great questions. In each book, each author put a character in his/her book that really personified Christlikeness and/or child-like faith and I just felt so drawn to these characters. Each book also ended in such a dramatic and unexpected way, and after becoming so emotionally attached to the characters, I couldn't help but be affected. These three books are also proof that not all books have to have an ideal or happy ending to satisfy readers.

Besides the above three, who else do you read? What are you reading today?
I read most genres of Christian fiction, with the exception of fantasy and speculative. I also enjoy reading a bit of non-fiction...biographies, current issues, and Christian growth and humor. My favorite genres would include Amish, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Comedy, and Young Adult. The book I'm currently reading...Kim Vogel Sawyer's newest YA...Katy's Homecoming.

Do you write, also? If so, tell us what you’re working on?
Oh, how I would love to be able to write...but it seems my brain has only input mode when it comes to the written word.

What technique did you use to enable you to identify all the Craftie Ladies for your contest win? (Jenny came to our site following a Facebook post from Merrillee)
I was a bit familiar with a few of the authors, but with the others I wasn't familiar with I just read each author biography and tried to find some of the keywords in each clue....and boy, some of them were really tough!

What were the three most interesting things you discovered while striving to identify the Craftie Ladies?
1. I found the testimony of Leann Harris healing from an aneurysm quite compelling, especially how her daughter's belief that God would bring healing to her mother. It was such an inspiring story to me, as my mother has faced a number of health issues over the last several years.
2. I was amazed at how much vocational diversity there was in the group of ladies...microbiologist, nurse, English professor, gymnastics coach, etc.
3. I was also impressed with the number of books that many of you have written. I know that those in your group who haven't amassed as many published books will have lots of encouragement from those of you who have, and I look forward to more books from all of you.
And then I have to say I was also pleasantly surprised to find a fellow Kansas State attendee (Pat Davids) in your midst. Go Wildcats!

Besides the Craftie Ladies, tell us two or three other Blogs you like to visit and why.
I'd been without a computer for a few months and have just recently gotten back online, so I've got a bit of catching up to do on some of my favorite blogs.

My favorite book bloggers include Rel at Relz Reviewz and Jennifer at So Many Books, who are two of the first booklovers I ever met online. They are the ladies who talked me into starting a blog of my own.
Rel's blog ( is full of reviews, character spotlights, and upcoming books releases.
Jennifer's blog ( has reviews, blurbs about some of Jennifer's favorite book covers, and spotlights on upcoming books she wants to read.
Needless to say, both of their blogs are detrimental to my buckling bookshelf!

A couple of the author blogs I frequent:
Angela Hunt ( - she's always got interesting things on there, from books to cooking, funny or compelling videos, or just her observations on life.
Kristin Billerbeck ( - she's a one of a kind, and is not afraid to speak the truth as she sees it. I'm not girly girl like she is, but I do love reading her perspective on life.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Thanks so much for having me....and I really enjoyed getting to know a little about each of the Craftie Ladies. Thank you all as well for the gift certificate. I'm looking forward to finding some goodies over at Amazon.

Thanks so much for being our Monday’s Main Character.


  1. It's so good to meet you, Jenny! I was blown away by how fast you identified us all. I hope to see you here regularly! Congratulations again on winning the contest.

  2. How fun! Jenny, thanks so much for being on our blog today! Your book shelf looks like one of my many full ones, so I felt right at home! :)

  3. I enjoyed reading about you, Jenny. I two granddaughters almost 4 and 10. Great age.

  4. Jenny,
    I had fun coming up with the questions and getting to know you. I especially liked going to your blog and seeing that you're doing something that I've started doing - keeping track of books read.

  5. Hey, Jenny! Glad to hear you won! Jenny's a member of our GoodREADs LIH discussion group. She knows how to add to any lively discussion!

  6. Lyn, is there a GoodReads contemporary discussion group?

  7. Jenny, it was great to hear from you and a blessing to those of us who write. Sitting in front of my computer, sometimes the world gets small and I (we) need to be reminded my (our) words touch others.

  8. Hi, Jenny. We're so glad you found our blog. We hope you'll visit often. We had a lovely "relaunch" of this blog. I'm happy that you won the gift certificate. More books for that poor shelf!

  9. Lisa...thanks, and good to "meet" you too!. I love searching for things on the internet, and solving the clues was right up my alley.

    Missy...I enjoyed being here. Gotta love those full if we only had more time to read, right? :)

    Margaret...thanks. 4 and 10 are great ages...and my two have such different personalities that my life is rarely boring. :)

    Pamela...I enjoyed your questions. The one about my favorite books really made me have to think...I've never really been asked why they're my faves. The lists of books finished on my site are just for my challenges, but I do keep a master list of all the books I've read during the year. I've got lists back to 2003.

    Lyn...thanks for your comment. Good to "see" you in yet another spot on the web. *waves*

    Leann...thank you and may your words (and the words of the other Craftie Ladies) continue to be a blessing to others as well.

    Lenora...thanks to you and the other ladies again for the chance to win the GC. You were all so fun to get to know, so I'm sure I'll be stopping by more often. And you're right, my poor shelf! ;)

  10. Jenny, it is so good to learn more about you. I'm glad you are my FB friend and that you came over to the blog through my FB comment. We have something in common--we like to stay up late. You are reading, and I am writing. :)

  11. Jenny,
    This is my first year of keeping a list. I think I'll enjoy it. I wish I'd started doing it years ago.

  12. Hi, Jenny!
    I truly enjoyed your interview. I'm so glad you won our little contest. I'm a night owl, too. I hear you went talk about quiet time after the family is down. So true. Thanks for visiting our blog. I know I'll see you many more times in the future, and yes!! Go Cats!!!

  13. Merrillee...thanks posting a link to send me over here. Being a night owl does have its advantages, doesn't it. thing I find impressive about my list is how many new authors have been added over the years. More writers = more books = my poor bookshelf! ;)

    Pat...Gotta have that solitude as it makes me a better person to live with. :) And hopefully both our Wildcat teams will give us good reason to have some Purple Pride over the next few weeks! Go CATS!


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