Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lyn Cote here-Soap or Body Wash? And Maybe a Bit of Old Spice or Ivory?

Lyn Cote's here tackling Keeping Track of "what you keep clean with."
I know, I know--how does she come up with this stuff???

Well, it's the way my mind works.

Have you ever noticed how "THEY" keep coming up with new ways of doing things--
like reading books on a Kindle or Nook instead of paper?
Or using a handful of ruffled plastic instead of a washcloth?
Or liquid soap from a bottle instead of a bar of soap?

The topic of this blog post is not who THEY are but that THEY change the way we do things.

I remember going to a talk when my son was in boy scouts and listening to a leader who had visited Russia during the days of Communist government. The one thing I remember (this was a long time ago!) is that the Russians had only one kind of soap--period. I mean they had one soap to wash their clothes, the floor and themselves.

THE MIND BOGGLES. Just thing of all the brands of cleaning products and soap we have in even a small store like Dollar General. Anyway, the idea of only one soap is ghastly but on the other extreme, did we really need liquid soap in the shower?

I mean wasn't soap on a rope enough?? GRIN

Anyway, which do you use? Soap or body wash? And why--I want to know.

Also I asked my latest heroine Jeannie and her hero Jake (from Daddy in the Making) what they used --soap or body wash. Both were definitely soap people. Jeannie used Ivory because it was gentle on her skin and her twin nieces. Jake used whatever he found in the shower. He's a busy vet and his late grandfather's best friend keeps house for him so he doesn't have time to bother about such stuff.

BTW, if you drop over to my blog today, you can find out how to win a copy of Daddy in the Making that will hit your local Walmart. BTW, if you leave a comment HERE with your email address (using dot and at), I'll put your name in the hat and draw a winner for one autographed copy! What a deal!

So what's your choice--soap or body wash? And what brand? (Yes, I am nosey.)
And what about the Old Spice Man video????


  1. I use Dail soap. The regular gold color. Once in a while I'll use a body wash, but I have to be careful because I'm alergic to a lot of stuff.

  2. Allergies are a pain all right. Personally I need to use a moisturizing soap. I have VERY dry skin.

  3. I'm with Patsy ~~ I use Dial bar soap. I just feel that with the liquid soap it is too easy to use more than you really need or to spill some and that is a waste!

  4. I use both body wash and soap. Depending on my mood. I love bath and body works so if I splurge and have that on hand I wll use it. But I also love my bar soap. I always have ivory in the shower as that is what my husband uses, my kids use body wash. So we use a variety. griperang@embarqmail.com

  5. Those commercials are so funny. :)

    I'm a body wash person. Love the ones from Victoria's Secret. I can't stand the feel of bar soap anymore! Strange how we get used to something. We went somewhere recently where they had bar soap, and my daughter looked at it as if it was a foreign object! :)

    Angela, I love Bath and Body Works liquid hand soap. We have that all over the house. Right now, though, the kids are turning up their noses to the fragrance I have in their bathroom. :)

  6. i use SoftSoap in the shower (liquid). Why? i like the feel of it after i am done. i don't like the way a bar leaves messes behing when it slips on the floor! Also, i can get SoftSoap at Costco and most any other place. as long as the hand soap isn't foamy, i'll use any liquid handsoap. Same reason i don't like bar soap. mitzi_wanham[at]yahoo[dot]com
    from Arizona

  7. I use both. Part of my body needs a bar and other parts need liquid. I'm with Lyn on needing a moisturizing soap. It's not so bad now that I live in humid Florida, but when I lived near Chicago, I also used bath oil to end my shower so that my skin wasn't completely dried out.

  8. Lyn what will you think of next, you amaze me..
    I am a Caress soap user like the moisturizing in it and smells good too.
    love your books so put me in the drawing please too..
    Paula (kyflo130@yahoo.com)

  9. Mr Old Spice is a bit corny for my taste. *wink* My late uncle wore Old Spice...and every time I smell it I think of him.

    Both bar and body wash for me. I use Lever 2000 Original bar soap on most days...but I'll mix it up a bit by using Nivea Touch of Happiness Body Wash (Orange Blossom and Bamboo) on occasion. I'm very sensitive to certain scents...especially heavy, musky scents (migraineville!)...and these two products have scents that linger but are not overly strong. I've also used Jergens and Dial White in the past because they have a pleasing scent, but the scent doesn't seem to have the staying power that Lever 2000 does.

    I love pomegranate scented soaps for handwashing/dishwashing...Dawn Pomegranate Splash for dishes and Dial Pomegranate Tangerine for hands. Fruity scents are my fave! :)

    eviesmommo at yahoo dot com

  10. I use both. My skin gets very dry in the winter, so I use Target's version of Dove's body wash for sensitive skin. I like "fancy" soap, and don't stick to any particular brand, but will buy whatever has a scent I like, especially mango, lemon, or lavender.

    melaniej_evans AT yahoo DOT com

  11. I thought everyone would have an opinion about this topic! I mean those of who want to be clean and smell nice. GRIN
    I'm hearing all kinds of recommendations of good products. Keep 'em coming!

  12. Jenny, our dermatologist recommended Lever 2000 for being mild.

  13. I use body wash, because soap dries out my skin too much. I have sensitive skin to start with, so if it gets dried out, I'll be itchy all day.

    I use Dove Cool Moisture cucumber & green tea or Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Shower Cream in various scents (whatever catches my fancy in the store when it's time to buy more).

    Day to day, I go with whichever one I want to smell like! I use a shower puff because I like the bubbles. It's a bubble bath without wasting all that bath water.

    mylab1122 (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. Oh, how funny. I can't remember the brand or hard soap I used to use, but it's green with white swirls. Now I get whatever bodywash sound nice smelling (like strawberries).

  15. I love that guy in the ad, but I don't use Old Spice. I like body wash. Saves time. I like to smell like a flower garden. But Dove is great for your face. I like to smell like a gardenia!

  16. White with green swirls--sounds like Irish Spring to me!

  17. Lyn, you come up with some fun blog ideas! I'm a Dove girl, have been for years because of extremely sensitive redhead skin. My hubby is an Irish Spring man. Love that smell on him.

  18. Cheer, Ivory and Dawn. Not necessarily in that order. I couldn't imagine using one soap for everything. Thanks for such a thought provocation post today:)

  19. I use different ones depends what there like your hero. I do like hand wash for hands I have used the Mia Bella hand wash which was nice and a nutrametics which I have now run out off. for soap have to be careful and at present using the mia bella soap as its good if you have allergies also I also have an avon bath wash.

  20. I use body wash. Usually one that is fragrance free. Other things just seem to irritate my skin.

  21. Well thanks for all the comments. It was a fun day! I'll choose a winner and it will be posted soon!

  22. My Mom always had body wash when I was younger, but on my own I decided to use Dove soap. I started to because my older sis uses it, and well I wanted to be just like her! :)

    And the Old Spice commercials are my favorite. Probably because they're so random, like me! :)


  23. Oh, Lyn--I LOVE the Old Spice man!! What fun. I'd seen him before, but once again I was hooked and watched him three times, here.



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