Saturday, March 19, 2011


Vince Morningway has always run the family ministry alone—and his way. Until his big-deal brother hires a business consultant to bring him—and the ministry—into this century. Suddenly Melanie Frazer, in her pastel suits and clicking heels, is organizing papers and talking computers. And she's too interested in sorting the dreams Vince has for his life. But those old dreams—to leave town and see the world instead of taking care of everyone and everything—passed him by long ago. Unless Melanie can show him how much he's always been needed, right here in Colorado…where an unexpected match is in the making.


  1. Vince,
    As I posted this, I thought of you. Look! A hero named after you.

  2. Hi Pamela:

    Thanks for the head’s up on Vince! I read the first book, “The Marine’s Baby”, which I thought had the best baby character in romance, “Little Gracie”. However, I liked Vince better than the hero. (It may be bias.) I didn’t think his brother, Nathan, had enough self-confidence for a Marine given his rank and experience.

    I saw Vince as the major force in the book. I was hoping that Vince would get his own romance except he never has time for anything but work. The story setting is ideal for this story.

    Vince is going to need a very intrusive and pushy woman to even get near him. I’m looking forward to reading “Colorado Match” and I am hoping that there is more on how baby Gracie is doing.


  3. Hi Vince,

    Rest assured baby Gracie makes an appearance in A Colorado Match! Thanks for your kind words. I hope you enjoy reading Vince's happily ever after!

    Deb Kastner


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