Friday, July 8, 2011

Ask Elnora--About New York City???Lenora Worth

Elnora is home from her grand adventure in New York City. I hope to show a few pictures once I get settled (and unpack all those bags!!!)New York is such an incredible place. Even with a bruised head and a cut near my eye, I still managed to walk all over Manhattan. And shop, of course. Elnora so appreciates all the kind words I've received regarding my little mishap. I'm fine now. Still bruised and battered but the cut is healing nicely. So, what did I love about the RWA conference and New York?

Well, I enjoyed doing a workshop with our own Winnie Griggs and our LI editor Emily Rodmell. We talked about "Can you do that in an inspiratonal?" And we all agreed there are many things writers can do to create great PG-rated stories. Elnora believes in showing real people in real circumstances doing real life things. We know our readers expect that dose of reality mixed with a bit of drama and emotional intensity. We had a pretty good crowd and we enjoyed chatting with the audience. Many thanks to lovely Margaret Daley for being our moderator.

Of course, e-books were all the buzz. Our publishers are trying to wade through how to handle that particular situation, so there was some lively discussion regarding that. Elnora believes it will all come out in the wash, as my sweet mama used to say.

I attended workshops on how to refuel your muse--or rather how to find your muse again. Shopping always seems to work for me! I'm sure I attended other great workshops, but ... I did get a bump on my head so it's hard to remember. I have notes somewhere. The bottom line--read, read, read, write, write, write and learn, learn, learn.

We also enjoyed the hundreds of faithful readers who attended the Literary Booksigning! Big Daddy took a picture of the line out the door and into the parking garage! But nothing can beat that gurney ride through Times Square. I have all sorts of book ideas from that and from walking around the city. The weather was perfect for Elnora's hair--not too much humidity.

Of course, we danced the night away at the Harlequin Black and White Ball. Big Daddy was able to attend as the invited guest of our dear friend Laura Marie Altom, who was honored with her 25th book pin from Harlequin. We had lots of chocolate from the dessert tables. Yummy. So, what do you love about New York? And what questions do you have about the writing process?


  1. Sounds like an exciting time and alot of fun except the cut to the head.

  2. ps Lenora is on my blog today too. its a day late due to me being so sick but wanted to share with you all.

  3. So, how did you get the bump on your head? I'm picturing all sorts of scenarios that can go in a book.
    1. You saved the plane from a hijacker and won but got a few scratches.
    2. Conference hotel caught on fire, you not only put out the fire but saved 12 romance authors stuck in an elevator.
    3. You fulfilled a lifelong goal of climbing the statue of liberty but bumped your head on one of the seven points of her crown.
    4. Your turn!

  4. Jenny, thanks for sharing. Heading over there now.

  5. Lenora, I knew you would get Big Daddy into the Harlequin Party! Glad you're back and healing.

  6. Hello! We've had some Internet problems but we have a new modem now. Our third one. Let's hope the third one is the charm.

    Jenny, now that I can get online, I'll hope over and see what's happening with us on your blog! Thanks and I'm glad you're feeling better.

    Lyn, Laura Marie asked Big Daddy to be her plus-one guest. He turned her down at first but she had already put his name on the roster, so he finally agreed. I think he was glad he did! We tried to give the spot to newlyweds Debbi and Chuck (Debra Clopton) but it was too late to change the name on the list. Anyway, it was so considerate of Laura Marie to do that since she didn't have a guest with her. As for workshops, I enjoyed Sharon Mignerey's "Sharpening the Saw". She talked about the joy of writing and how to find and keep that joy.

    As for the cut--most have heard this story but here's the short version. Slipped on a spot of water in hotel bathroom, banged my head on marble vanity. Cut and bruised right eye. EMTs were called but there was a bomb scare in Times Square so they had to park the "bus" outside of the square. Took Elnora on a gurney through hotel (I was wearing bandages and oxygen mask.) Took gurney through Times Square! Nice ride. Ambulance ride proved a great view of the city! No concussion and no stitches. They glued me back together. Nice shiner and ugly cut. Lots of strange looks! But I'm fine now. It's almost healed. Glue has gone away to leave a nice scar, however.Elnora can handle that!

  7. What a crazy time! I wish I had a photo of you going through Times Square! :)

  8. Missy, my husband refused to take a picture. He was afraid it would upset me. Now I wish he had, just so I could remember it. When I asked him how bad my cut looked, he said "I'm not going to take a picture of it. It's that bad!"


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