Monday, December 26, 2011


Missy, here. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! And I hope you're not experiencing post-holiday letdown. Sometimes it can be tough after all the build up and the excitement. But now it's time to move on and look toward the new year!

So what did you get for Christmas? Did you receive any books? We'd love to hear about your holiday!


  1. Starting below and going up ;).

    No, I didn't receive any books, and hubby complained that I've been spoiling the pleasure he has of offering them in Christmas Night by asking for Pre-Orders as soon as I know they're coming... He complaints now but I remember years that they boycotted my reading on these days around Christmas and I had to read in the bathroom ahahahahah.

    We had a lovely Christmas and in my home no one is experiencing a let down. Since until Epiphany we celebrate Christmas it is with the same wonder we go to Church these weeks until the Maggi get here ;).

    This was a blessed Christmas. When I replied this to several people today at work who asked "How was Christmas" they followed with a "Why? What did you get?" :o so they are still missing the true meaning of it.

    Thank you for your Message and Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones!


  2. Teresa, you're so right! If we're focused on the true meaning then there shouldn't be any let down. :)

    We appreciate you pre-ordering our books!! Tell your hubby he'll have to find something else to get you. haha :)

  3. No books for me, but I bought my mom a kindle, if that counts. :)

  4. I am going through Christmas music withdrawal. Waking up to the alarm blaring Madonna is not the same as waking up to songs about THE Madonna.

    Nothing beats a Christmas Eve featuring a children's nativity followed by Christmas morning of watching a three year old who both excited and scared about Santa and a one year old who thinks everything from wrapping paper to a snow saucer is hilarious. Grandchildren change the Christmas landscape.

    I got an Amazon gift card and lots of card crafting tools. I have plotted out all my book buying until March. Can't wait to order your book Missy.

    And so far SEVEN friends and family members have gotten Kindles.

    Blessed week and may the new year be full of joy!

    Peace, Julie

  5. If you drop by my blog, you can read what my dh thought I needed for Christmas! Snow shoes.

    And I have a knee that needs physical therapy in the new year.

    Oh well, we had a great Christmas. I felt a little letdown on Monday. But we have a wedding to go to tomorrow. That shoule give me a lift!

  6. I got a Kindle (early) but since I'm knee deep in line edits, I haven't been able to play with it. :(

  7. I received a Kindle as well. I have no idea how to use it. I will have to get a tutorial.

    This was a blessed Christmas for us too. My husband was not feeling well the week before. We had a nice celebration anyway. His family came and usually its a bit tense but everyone get along and we had fun.

    Julie, how fun that you've plotted out your reading until March.

  8. Sounds like everyone had a great time! Lots of Kindles this year!

    My mom got one. But she has no Internet at their house. We found out the librarians will help her check things out. But I brought it home to get it all registered and set up. Then I'll mail it back to her. :)

    We had a great trip to Kentucky! Left Monday and got back yesterday. Nice time with family!


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