Thursday, December 22, 2011

One of my favorite readers-- from Lenora Worth

One of the things I love about being a writer is how I get to "meet" people from all over the world. Right here on our blog, I have made friends with several of our readers. AusJenny is one! We love you, Jenny from down under. But the one fan and reader I'd like to talk about today lives many, many miles from me. Olufisayo Alabi lives in Nigeria. She came across our blog a few months ago and she was so excited to find us. She reads the online short stories we sometimes write at eharlequin. And she wants to write her own love story. Olufisayo and I have been e-mailing back and forth since the day she made a comment on the blog. (And I'm editing one of her stories for her.) She is 34 and has two beautiful sons. Her husband is a minister. She loves shoes almost as much as I do. Which is why I sent her two pairs recently. I also sent her several books because she can't find the full length books where she lives. We are learning so many interesting things about each other. She prays for my family and I pray for her family. She started her own website and hopes to one day help others publish their work, too. She calls me MUM and I call her DAUGHTER. I truly believe the Lord puts people in our path at just the right time. Olufisayo has prayed me through some tough days, let me tell you. She is beautiful in spirit and in her kind words to me each day. If any of you would like to send her books, e-mail me and I will give you her address. Be aware, it costs a small fortune and takes weeks and weeks for her to receive packages. But it was well worth it to me to be able to share my books and some "kicking" shoes with her. Olufisayo, I hope you are reading this and that you will respond and tell my writing buddies and our bloggers more about yourself. I thank you for reading our short stories and for talking to us on the blog. This is part of the reason we love to write. We love and appreciate our readers the world over. Thank you so much, DAUGHTER!!!


  1. Oh, Lenora, thanks for letting us know about your blessing of a daughter half way across the world.

    The internet has been a blessing. I have rediscovered the joy of pen pals or should I say "type pals" from all over!

    Will be emailing you!

    Peace, Julie

  2. I remember Olufisayo's first post. How wonderful it is to read about a handshake taking place across the miles. It's even more wonderful to imagine that handshake as a hug. You go, girls!

  3. I remember her first post too! So happy that you two have made such good friends!

  4. Hello. I was out doing some last minute shopping! I have enjoyed my new pen pal from Nigeria. I love learning about other cultures and Olufisayo tells me lots of things about her life. I was World Market today and I marveled at the amazing things we have all over the earth. I bought chocolate, of course!

  5. Yes, the Internet is wonderful! I don't know how writers survived before it!

    Thanks for sharing the story, Lenora! And Olufisayo, you're in good hands with Lenora! She's a great mentor.

  6. Hi Lenora thanks for mentioning me and I do remember seeing Olufisayo and hope she does get a book published at some stage.

  7. Oh how fun. It's always so wonderful to really connect with someone. Some day I hope you can see each other in person. Yes, the internet is such a great tool for keeping in touch, reaching out, and just socializing in general. I don't know how we managed all those years without it ;)

  8. How cool, Lenora! I've had the pleasure of "meeting" Olufisayo too as she subscribed to my newsletter to read my Christmas story. It's so neat to learn more about her.

  9. That's great, Sandra. We will all "adopt" her. I'm MUM so you can be her sister! Now I'll have to go and read your story, too.

  10. Kim, it's amazing. I've always loved being a "pen pal" so this certainly works for that purpose. It's always nice to meet some of you "younger" LI ladies. You know I've been around since ... well ...forever! Which is why Olufisayo calls me MUM :))


    Work has been so hectic in the office this week and I have not had time to browse (I only have internet access in the office. I nearly missed this my 'profile' in this blog. O God! I'm still speechless.

    Well, it's a privilege to 'meet' that special someone and I'm so glad I met my 'white' Mum. Sincerely, she has been a blessing to me. I trully love her.

    Yes, we are thousands of miles away from each other (and I sure hope to give her that hug physically one day) I still feel her very close to me. I wake up each day looking forward to her e-mails. Mum, thanks for adopting me.

    My blushing went deeper (though I'm black and it can't be seen) when I realise that other wonderful people on this blogsite also remember me. This is a great Xmas gift!

    Thanks all, hope to know you better.

    Ausjenny, thanks for that prayer. That is my next year's target. I MUST publish at least a book in Love Inspired come 2012 IN JESUS NAME!

    Am I getting a new 'sister' this Xmas? Waoohh! Thanks Santa Lenora! (lol)

    Mum, never forget: I love you!

  12. Olufisayo, I think you are getting a lot of new sisters now! We will all be your sisters! You have been a blessing to me and so have all of these ladies.

    I love you! Your MUM :)


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