Friday, December 16, 2011

Ask Elnora--About a few of my favorite things?? Lenora Worth

Fa, la, la, la, la, my little elves! My house is ready for Christmas. Well, almost. I still have some things in the garage to sort through but for the most part, Elnora is in the spirit of the season. I have my little shoe tree up in the power room. It's tiny so it fits on the counter. It is truly one of my favorite things--a tiny Christmas tree with tiny shoe ornaments. A good friend gave Elnora a Barbie shoe tree and it is very tiny. I have sitting next to the bigger tree. As I was decorating and rediscovering all the ornaments I've collected over the years, I got to wondering--what are a few of your favorite things? Now I have that song in my head and I can see Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music" twirling around on that mountain top! So here is a list of some of my favorite things: (Please share yours, too!) Red Velvet Cake Hot chocolate on a cold night Friends who help finish decorating the Christmas tree when they arrive for a party at my house! A husband who remembers to buy my latest favorite thing--those yummy Newton Fruit Thin cookies--without me reminding him! A good rich cup of strong dark roast coffee in a pretty white Corning Ware cup (from the set of vintage Christmas cups a friend gave me because she knew I liked them). Chocolate Kitten heel pumps Dresses from the fifties and early sixties, with shimmering white pearls. Christmas songs that make me stop and think of Christ. Saying "Merry Christmas" and knowing I have the freedom to do that. Writing books that allow me to share my faith. All of you! Let's discuss favorite things. What are some of yours? And .... we are giving our readers a special Christmas treat on Monday, December 19th. We are going to have some fun by asking all of our authors and our friends who post to help us write a story. The premise is based on Twitter. One of our authors will start the story with a couple of sentences. Then we ask the next person who posts to pick up the thread and write a couple of sentences, and then our authors will stop by to help and so on and so on, all day long. Remember, no comments! Just write to continue the story thread. It will be like that game of gossip we played as children. It will be a Christmas story, of course. But we want you to participate by helping us, line by line, to write this story. Want that be so delightful and fun?? I can't wait to see what everyone writes. I know we have some stars out there, waiting to shine. Hope you'll return on Monday to have some fun with us!


  1. So sorry about all the sentences running together. When I typed this I had it as a list, not mushed up all together without periods or commas. And while Elnora does have certain powers, I don't have a power room. It's a powder room. That made me laugh.

  2. I love the sound of the shoe tree. the twitter story sound cool to.

  3. Everytime I see something shoesy, I think of you :)

  4. That's funny, Pam. AusJenny, I hope you will write a few sentences in our story.

  5. LOLOL!! I so wish you really had a power room, Lenora! :)

    Love your list of special things! Some of mine are:
    good strong coffee with hazelnut creamer
    lights on the tree in a darkened room
    soft Christmas music in the background
    a warm, soft blanket
    kids snuggled up next to me
    the smell of something yummy baking

  6. Maybe we should all have a power room! And ruby slippers :)

  7. And here I was already imagining how Elnora's Power Room must've look like ahahahah

    This last week is truly magical and all of the sudden we become little children believing everything.

    I'll try to stop by on Monday. I will definetly come in the end of the day to see what you (were) playing at.

    Wishing you all a nice and warm weekend,

  8. Thanks, Teresa. We are going to have some holiday fun on Monday! A "real time" Christmas event!


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