Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Debra Clopton here in Texas wishing you all a wonderful, blessed Christmas season! I wanted to put a picture of my Christmas tree here for you to see but LOL I'm on deadline and haven't had a chance to think about getting my tree up yet. So I looked through my photos and came across this shot. It's was taken December of last year on my birthday when Chuck and I were crossing Pennsylvania during a blizzard! It was a very white Christmas season for me and looking at the picture reminded me of how fun it was. It reminds me of my favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas with Bing Crosby. I love that old movie. I can remember watching it as a young girl and just loving the scenes with the snow and wondering what that would be like to see snow like that. As a kid living in Texas where I'd never really seen snow that really stuck to the ground I truly had to dream of a white Christmas because where I lived and still do, you certainly never got one.

As you can tell, I've grown up since then and have seen snow as thick and white as that from my favorite movie. Though I've experienced the wonder of what I dreamed of back them I still love the movie and I the snow scenes. The movie still connects me to the dreams I had watching it as a little girl.

What is your favorite Christmas movie or book as a child and what did it make you dream of?

I pray you'll all have a joyous and blessed Christmas!

Debra Clopton


  1. Debbie, I love this photo! You look so excited. :)

    As a kid, I always loved the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I loved seeing good and love win out. :)

  2. I really like this picture. You look like you're having fun. :) As a kid, I always watched Frosty the Snowman and cried at the end. My mom dreaded that movie! lol

  3. Missy,
    Lol I was excited...and cold but it was fun! I loved the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I always wanted to save the dog!!!

  4. Karen,
    I Was having fun. Haha, we'd actually been leading a pack of cars across the mountain and the snowplow had just gotten in front of us to lead the rest of the way into town. I was excited to be out of the car for a few minutes and able to actaually hold the snow. It was and adventure :)

    I loved Fosty the Snow Man...wanted to save him too. :)
    I loved the voice of Burl Ives too. His voice from that movie just sounds like Christmas.

  5. Love the photo, Debra! It is straight out of a movie.

    White Christmases are pretty much a given here in northern Michigan, so there wasn't any eager anticipation. We'd usually had snow for weeks already.

    My favorite as a child was The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I always felt so sorry for the poor, devoted dog. And of course I adored Cindy Lou Who. Okay, I'll admit I still love that show.

  6. Love the photo Debbie! In Ontario, I am always hoping for a white Christmas, somehownit just doesn't feel the same if we don't have snow :) Sorry I can't pick just one movie, all those Christmas movies bring back such fond memories :)

  7. Hi Debbie. Wonderful photo - you look so full of wonder and joy. One of my favorite Christmas movies as a kid was Charlie Brown Christmas - loved that he selected that scraggly little tree and the gang transformed it into something beautiful. As I got older though, I fell in love with the traditional It's A Wonderful Life.

  8. Christine--girl I know you are cold up there!!!! Goodness gracious. For you snow is as common as rain and since we Texans are right now suffering from one of the worst droughts in history--snow in your area is way more common than rain. I've teased my kids in West Virginia all summer that I had to go up there just to remember what raindrops looked like.

  9. Eva, I think I'll be making my first trip to Canada sometime at the first of the year. Chuck has shown me pictures of the snow there and talked of how beautiful it is in the winter. I can't wait :)

  10. Winnie, I love Charlie Brown and the pitiful little tree. Their joining hands and singing and being joyous aound it paints a lasting portrait of Christmas spirit.

    It's A Wonderful Life is touching on so many levels. So many lessons learned from it too.

    Thanks :)

  11. I heard Texas got some snow this week.
    I am not sure what my favourite Christmas book or movie was as a child but did like the Little Drummer Boy. We use to watch lots of movies in the lead up to christmas on tv. (why they dont put many on now beats me) and we would have Christmas specials too. Not sure about books either. I had some Christmas stories (bible books). I think it was fun watching christmas in Winter when we have it in summer.

    Its funny bit I dont remember watching Its A wonderful Life at Christmas it was on at other times of the year and never hit me as being a Christmas movie. But then alot of American's have it as there favourite Christmas movie and I saw it again last year and could see that it is.
    I hope we start to get some on soon as I do love watching them on the lead up to Christmas.

  12. Hi Jenny! I was going to tell you. I was a hairstylist before I published and one of my clients was a sweet older woman from Austrailia. She'd met her husband who was stationed there during the war. At the end of the war she and an entire ship of brides came to America to be with their husbands. She was not more than about 20 years old at the time. When I was doing her hair she was in her late 60's. She had never gotten to go back home after the boat ride over here and always talked about going to the beach on Christmas day. I always loved hearing her talk about her home and her family there.

    I'm with you on The Little Drummer Boy. That is such a precious story. ON the Country Christmas special the other night Faith Hill sang it beautifully.

  13. Debra, our pastors 2 aunts are war brides and live in Washington State. His mother married an American soldier also but he came here.
    I will be in Melbourne this year and was thinking of going to the zoo but if its nice I am thinking of heading to the beach. although its more lonely at the beach when you are alone where as the zoo there are others and the animals. last time met a girl from Vietnam who I share some time with.
    I use to take my nieces to the playground christmas day when the adults rested. did this with the pastors children too. always found a game of backyard cricket taking place (we played it many time in our own backyard on Christmas day and I know its often played at the beach).

  14. I love Miracle on 34th Street. Great photo.

  15. Jenny,
    The zoo sounds like the place to go. I imagine Melbourne has a fantastic zoo. I know God's going to give you a great day!

  16. Great photo, Deb. You look like a woman in love!

    BTW, readers have you stopped by for their holiday specials?

    Here's the link


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