Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas book in progress

I hope you all had as wonderful, surprising, and joyous Christmas as we did. Now that the house is semi-clean again, I have a book to get back to. It’s a Christmas story-book four in the Redemption River series-about a haunted hero, a Christmas crazy heroine, and a mysterious mute boy. And of course, there has to be a dog and the requisite eccentric characters of Redemption to round things out. After taking off the month of December to enjoy my favorite time of year, I have to get my nose to the grindstone to make deadline, so wish me luck, say a prayer, and keep an eye out next year for THE CHRISTMAS CHILD.


  1. ocLOL When I reread the post "haunted hero" sounded a little scary. But he's not, I promise. :-)

  2. Yes, it sounds like a 'must read' book. Thanks.