Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Color Your World

Linda Goodnight here. This post has nothing to do with the holidays. Well, maybe a little if you consider color and decorating part of the holidays. But I was wondering: Are you affected by colors in a room? Recently, we did some remodeling which included new paint in my formerly sunny yellow living room. I love color. It energizes me. Just consider my office which is yellow, orange and lime. Yep. Love that color. My husband likes browns and neutrals. Since we’ve had my colors in the house for so long, I let him pick the new shade. Now the living room is milk chocolate with sand carpet and beige and chocolate furniture—all brown and my husband loves it. It makes me feel down, drowsy, lazy. I’m trying to figure out simple, inexpensive ways to brighten it so I can stand to be in there! Any ideas?
Are you affected by color? A little or a lot? What colors “do it” for you?


  1. you could add some dusky pink or silver cushion covers

  2. Good ideas, ladies. I'm making a list.
    So, do colors affect you?

  3. Just add a few splashes of color here and there.. some throw pillows, a lamp, vase, rug, etc.. I'm not a great decorator so I don't have any brilliant ideas. But I do love bright colors (and I live in a house full of guys) so I understand how you feel. My favorite colors are orange, yellow, purple, lime green. Good luck!

  4. Cassie, you must be my soul mate of colors! I'm on the hunt for something bright that won't run Gene out of the room. LOL

    I love hearing about other people's color preferences. It just shows why God made so many chances. He likes color too!

  5. Linda, I am directly affected by color. Some colors I can't wear. And coming from my scientist husband, different colors are different wavelengths. It does affect our moods and can stimulate our creativity.

  6. Leann, a big thanks to your scientist husband. Different wave lengths of light--Now it makes sense.

    So, which colors work best for you?

  7. Linda, we thought we were going to sell our home right before the market totally went kaput. We painted our rooms a pretty "tuscan beige". Sadly, that meant my family room was no longer the same shade of terra cotta as the hermitage I stayed in in New Mexico. What a loss!

    I have added accents of terra cotta, dark green and goldenrod in the room to brighten it up. I love rich, bold colors rather than pastels. Textiles, pillows, candles all have helped me reclaim my space.

    Good luck!

    Peace, Julie

  8. Julie, you sound like you know what you're doing! I'm not great with decorating but your suggestions are wonderful. I'm now on the hunt for those little touches of color to add some life to the room. Thank you!

    Oh, I love terra cotta and the other colors you mentioned. Lovely.

  9. Linda, I find colors do affect me. Blues calm and soothe. Green's do as well but also uplift me. Yellows and oranges make me smile. Pink and purples make me happy. Red makes me cranky.
    I like brown hues as well for when I want to relax.
    For you now brown space, try fresh cut flowers in bright colors. There's nothing like fresh flowers to bright and please.

  10. Flowers! Terri, what a great idea. I have a sis-in-law who always has fresh flowers in her house. When she comes to visit, she buys us fresh, bright flowers as a 'mitbringsle'--German for a hostess gift. (I probably spelled it wrong since I am not German!)

    I've ordered a big red poinsietta. That should help greatly. It wouldn't help you, though, would it, since red makes you cranky? LOL
    Red makes me feel festive. I love it. Thanks!

  11. Color definitely makes a difference. Love yellows, greens (except fluorescent), deep blues, blue-reds, deep purple, rust... I guess I like dark, rich colors and sunny colors. They motivate and/or calm me.


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