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Ask Elnora--About Rude People--Lenora Worth

Darlings, Elnora is a bit frazzled. I've had a busy week watching my husband (Big Daddy) remodeling our kitchen. Elnora was forced to put my coffee pot in the powder room since I was not allowed in the kitchen while the new tile was drying. A small sacrifice to finally get the kitchen I've been dreaming about since we bought this house. Our refrigerator is in the front foyer, which makes for interesting conversation when we have visitors. And of course we always have visitors when I have on no make-up and am nursing a migraine.

Today, Elnora and Big Daddy went to pick out the new counters. Mark the counter man was very interesting and decisive. I've never seen Big Daddy write a check so fast! We picked out a lovely golden and cream marble with shots of red running through it. I'm designing my kitchen around a picture of a feisty rooster standing in front of a fleur-de-lis and wearing Mardi Gras beads. It was created by local artist Ron Atwood.
But I digress. After all that decision making, we needed some refreshment so we stopped at that place with the golden arches. The people behind the counter didn't seem to realize they had customers. In fact, they kind of ignored us. Elnora ordered a skinny vanilla latte and never got it because no one seemed to know how to make it.
This was not good. With a huff, I demanded my money back and Big Daddy stomped and stewed and we left. Now normally I don't have a hissy fit waiting for a cup of coffee. Okay, maybe I've had a few. But ... this is the question of the day--

Why are people so rude? This is no April Fooling!!! Why can't people just smile and do their jobs? Or at least ask someone to help them do their jobs? Do you have an answer or a question to add? Can we discuss? What is the problem? Why can't everyone be as nice and helpful as Mark the counter man????


  1. This came up on one of the current affair shows. they had a mystery shopper who was being ignored or not getting help. In one case he was discussing buying something and the girl left He said something like excuse me and the boss said shes of work now and when he said he was in the middle of talking about buying something and she threatened to throw him out of the store. The sales girl had left and he was being told he was in the wrong now this is wrong. Doing Customer service in my course Its interesting seeing bad service.
    I often get ignored in stores cos I dont look rich! I dont wear makeup and dont have that cashed up look. A couple of places I had to go and stand at the counter to try to get service then left and bought eslewhere. The same happened at the bakery the girls were chatting behind the counter and I finally just walked out in disgust. Its even worse when someone comes in and then gets served before you.
    In Hawaii it was fairly good except Barnes and Nobels. When I was asking for help I didn't get it I was pointed in a direction but not helped with my request. Also when I was looking at the nook once they knew I was from Australia it was you can buy it you cant use it in Australia to buy our books so no point looking at it. They didn't even give me the option to actually touch it and look at it close up. I left there with a fairly poor image of Barnes and Nobel. Went to a small bookshop which had more Inspriational fiction and went out of there way to help me.
    Ok you didn't need a novel from me but I do understand what you are saying some people are so good but some seem to think customers are going out of our way to annoy them.
    (seeing its 6pm im not worried about april fools day anymore)

  2. It would be nice if you had invented this "prank", but unfortunetly even if it didn't happen it will in some point of your life.

    Why? I don't know.

    I think it gives lots of trouble to be nice and corteous in the world we're living; people are angry and guess who's fault it is? Yes, yours; who decided to drop by the store and add to it with a normal request in a nice tone. If you weren't nice but rude, the rude would have to watch its step because you never know what rude people are capable of...

    Don't give up - on your smile and on your demand of being treated fairly! When we give up we let evil take over.

    Have a Nice Weekend,

  3. I think quite a few people today have no vested interest in where they work. I miss the Mom and Pop stores.
    I went into a convenience store a few weeks ago to get a soda. No one was in the store. From the time I entered, through the time I paid, and out the door, not one word of greeting or a "Here's your change." Why, the young female clerk was textmessaging except when she had to take my money and even then she held onto her phoe.

  4. I meant no customers were in the story. The clerk was there, in body but not in spirit.

  5. Yes. This is exactly what I'm talking about. I felt bad for the girl at the counter. When I placed the order she seemed confused but no one would show her what to do. And when I asked about my drink, she said she was new and she didn't know. But she didn't care either. Apparently the three other people working with her. Elnora prayed for that girl. She will need to be firm in getting proper training. Can you imagine what would happen if we did our jobs that way??

  6. Well, Miss Elnora, you should try teaching these darlings. You have to be an entertainer to teach--and that's not what I do.

  7. I think you're right in a lot of ways, Pamela. Some workers are only there for a paycheck.

    I wonder how much of it is also from attitudes about jobs in the home. If a young person sees his/her parent acting like it's a chore to go to work or coming home complaining about it, that may affect him/her, wouldn't you think?

    I was always taught by my parents (not always in words, but by their actions) to make myself valuable to my employer and serve him well. That has saved me jobs when others have lost them and given me some good raises over the years when others received lackluster raises.

    I also think it may have to do with attitudes of those in the workplace as well. Does the boss have a good attitude and treat each customer (and employee) as valuable?

    Lots of food for thought on this post.

  8. That's true, Jenny. If this young girl's supervisor (who were behind her working the drive through) had listened to her when she asked for help, this could have been avoided. We waited and tried to be polite but even when we asked for our drinks, they just ignored us and the young girl walked away. I didn't make a scene, but I asked for my money back. The poor girl didn't even know how to give a refund. I blame this on management. Not a very good example. I've always told my two that no matter their job, do it with pride and use your common sense. When you're nice to people, they are nice back. I came home and made me a cup of coffee in the powder room!!!

  9. Forgot to mention this...but I'd really enjoy seeing your kitchen once it's finished, Lenora. That marble sounds gorgeous...and since my mom's kitchen is 'all things rooster' with a country flair, I'd love to see your take on the rooster theme. :)

  10. Hi Elnroa:

    Rudeness starts at home, is nourished in the schools, becomes leveraged by the media and finally is sanctioned by the public under the auspices of PC and diversity.


  11. Vince, the kind of rudeness I'm referring to here has nothing to do with being politically correct. It has to do with manners, which yes, should be taught at home, training, which should be taught by able-bodied supervisors and kindness when dealing with others which is the PC I use--Polite and Considerate.


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