Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Story Mastery with Michael Hauge

Terri Reed here and I’m starting a new book, as of yet untitled, but will be a June 2012 release. My book will be the sixth book in a new Love Inspired Suspense continuity series about an Irish Christian family with a long history of public service. The setting will be a fictional town in Massachusetts called Fitzgerald Bay. Already, this is a place I'd like to visit with a wonderful cast of characters. So keep an eye out next January for the first book in the series by Shirlee McCoy.

So back to my new project, before I ever sit down at the computer I do a lot of pre-writing. Mostly done by hand in a spiral notebook. Yes, I’m a plotter, through and through. I have to have my road map, or in other words, a detailed synopsis. But before I even write that, I have to develop my characters. To me, this is the most important part of writing since so much of story comes out of the characters. I use several methods, gleaning various processes from many different brilliant authors and teachers.

The most recent tool I have added to my pre-writing comes from story master, Michael Hauge. http://storymastery.com/

Last year I attended a workshop where Michael shared his expertise with us and helped me to delve deeper into my characters. I was stuck in the middle of a book at the time, my January 2011 release Daughter of Texas, book one of Texas Ranger Justice from Love Inspired Suspense. My heroine wasn't working. There was something about her that was eluding me. By the time the workshop was over, my heroine was a fully developed, sympathetic character that readers could root for. Thank you, Michael!

For those of you who will be in NYC this summer for Romance Writers of America’s national conference www.rwanational.org , look for Michael’s workshops. You won’t be disappointed!


  1. The story sounds interesting (and for 2012 if I do the a book per state I would have Maine covered) I have your Jan book about Texas got it in Hawaii and looking forward to reading it.

  2. I've loved his workshops and DVD's as well! Very helpful.

  3. I love his workshops too, and I will soon use what I've learned on a new project instead of saving an old one from disaster. He turned this panster into a plotter. :)

  4. Me too! I bought Michael's DVD set and I also attended a day long workshop. Dynamite info!

  5. Ausjenny, I'm blushing because I just realized the book is set in Massachusetts not Maine. How interesting that you read a book per state. I've never heard of anyone doing that.

  6. Missy and Lyn, I have a DVD as well. I keep trying to find time to get a group together to watch it but there never seems to be time.
    Therese, plotting is good. You can still do a bit of pantsing within the frame of your plot. Minor detours, taking the scenic route but end up in the right place. At least that's how I work. Things will happen I hadn't counted on but then I find my way back to the plot.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Thats ok Terri that is hard to find too. I started the challange this year but some states are proving more difficult. (Texas, colorado, montana are not a problem or ohio)

  8. Jenny, what states are you looking for?

  9. I have a list at good reads as to whats left will go grab it.
    here is the list of states I dont have a book for or earmarked for so far. But I did win some LI books at loveinspired authors so not sure what states are covered there. Oh Alaska is also well covered! I know its early in the year and I will cover more as the year goes on. I just finished one in Alabama. And I may have others on my bookshelf. We also get extra points for overseas which is good as I have about 4 aussie books to read.

    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    North Carolina
    North Dakota
    South Carolina

  10. Oh, I want to go to New York so badly! Ack. His workshop sounds great.

  11. Jenny,
    Do they have to have a 2011 copyright?

  12. No not time frame. some are from last year and a couple earlier. I have some in my shelves but some dont say what state they are. I am trying to get a new state each week. this week I am back to Ohio! I have read from 20 states so far so can have a few weeks where I don't read a new state.


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