Friday, April 29, 2011

Ask Elnora--About Weddings?????

Did someone get married today? Wait, let Elnora get her tea and pastries. I do believe there was a very important event this morning. Early this morning. Very, very early in Colonist time. But thankfully, we have about eight million news outlets covering the Royal Wedding (why is that always in CAPS???) so Elnora won't have to miss her beauty sleep or any detail of this grand affair. Sigh. Don't you just love a wedding?

While I got married in a private ceremony wearing a Gunny Sack dress (remember those back in the seventies--yes, Elnora was a flower child), I've always loved weddings. And I cry like a big bawling baby at weddings. We have several questions to consider this morning (early this morning) regarding Kate and Wills and weddings in general.

1. Why do we love weddings so much?
2. Why do we love a prince and his princess so much??
3. Why do we still believe in fairy tales even though reality isn't so pretty?
And 4. Did anyone get a look at her shoes????

My darlings, it's all about lasting love and happiness. It's about being hopeful in a world where jaded people are tired and weary and skeptical and cynical. I still believe in love and hope and happily ever after and I don't care if it starches the queen's knickers!! So, let's discuss. Or rather, someone start the discussion while Elnora find the Community Dark coffee and pours herself a big mug. Not very ladylike but then did I mention it's rather early for me??


  1. I am her sitting watching the lead up to the wedding. the first guest are arriving but the worst of this is I have to go out just before Kate will arrive! I am taping it so hopefully will see later. so tomorrow I can comment more. the wedding starts 7.30pm here.

  2. I am here on the East Coast. As a mother of the bride, I am thinking about my daughter's wedding. William and Kate have trees as decor. My daughter will be having pumpkins in the ceremony space. It is interesting how nature is brought into sacred or secular spaces these days.

    Am DVRing so if I nod off, I still have it all.

  3. Isn't it exciting!! I am heading for coffee and then I'll settle down to watch!!

  4. Julie, my son and his bride were married on Halloween and used jack o lanterns and fall leaves--very lovely.

    I really like Kate's dress. I didn't like Dianna's dress long ago--TOO big--if you know what I mean. Gilding the lily I thought. Not this time.

  5. Lyn, I really like Kate's dress too. Elegant not fru-fru, simple yet beaded. I like the headress too.
    She's a beautiful lady and William very dashing. I'm sure they'll end as hero and heroine material in a book.
    I love to see how the guests are clothed. All the fun and fancy and strange hats!! I'm going to a royal themed tea party this afternoon for a friends birthday. We're to dress as if we were attending the royal wedding. I have to go buy a hat!

  6. Elnora, I love weddings because its the beginning of something wonderful and there's hope that the marriage will always be wonderful.
    I think women love the fairytale of princes and princesses because we all want to be the princess. The one true love the handsome prince will fight for, cherish and even die for.
    John Eldridge and his wife, Stasi have written books that touch on this aspect of women needing to be the princess and men needing to be the prince/hero/warrior.
    Great post by the way, darling. I haven't seen the shoes!

  7. Nothing is beautiful that early in the morning, CST. But I do plan on watching the reruns. And I'll be watching for the shoes.

  8. No sighting of the shoes yet, but I did see where they drove around in a convertible, waving. Now that's young and fresh and cool! Do you know the part that made me tear up the most? The fly-by with the planes. That always gets me in any ceremony. Those are true heroes and William is a part of that. Now Elnora is seriously craving some wedding cake!

  9. It was amazing. Sigh worthy. So sweet. I cried, of course. :)

  10. I cried a bit when she started up the aisle because it looked to me like she was crying at first. But she was fine by the time she got to the altar. We do love our strong heroines, after all!

  11. As I said I had to go out actually to a book party. The aussies have developed a party book style program called light the dark to promote australian books (fiction, non fiction, childrens etc) Australia doesn't have the promotion here and its been hard for Aussie authors but we have some wonderful books out. But as the party should have started we all ran up to watch Catherine walk down the isle.
    Her dress is very pretty and cant wait for photos to see even more detail. The other dresses of the bridal party were so pretty too and the pages suits.
    I sure hope there is a wedding book to really see the details and see more of the young bridesmaids at Diana's wedding we saw more of them where as last night we didn't really get to see them much at all.

  12. Jenny, it was lovely. Hope you get to see more. Since all the news outlets were there, it was thoroughly covered.

  13. we are seeing more bits today and they all look so good. Some of the people are leaving buckingham palace now.
    Love the second dress she wore also.


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