Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Fever

Hi, this is Margaret Daley. I have got spring fever bad. I don't want to do anything but play and yet I have a lot of work to do. What do you do when you have spring fever? Do you give into it and play and play? Or do you do something to get yourself back on track? Outside it is gorgeous today. Sunny and the high will be in the low 70s. Flowers and trees are coming out. The brown landscape is greening up. I even have the urge to go outside and work in the yard. If you know me--that is radical thinking on my part. I don't do yard work. Of course, it could be worse. I could live on a tropical island and have the ocean calling me. Now that would be hard to resist when I have work to do. So what do you do when you have spring fever?


  1. Oh Margaret, it's not pretty to see when Sring Fever hits me...
    I turn to a busy bee, changing things in the house, insisting in washing everything that reminds the long Winter, at the first Sring rays I store jackets, cardigans and whatnot, never considering that Spring resembles Winter much more than it does Summer LOL.
    I want to plant new trees and flowers in the garden, change the places of pots and, for hubby, the worst part, I start imagining new makeovers for indoors and outdoors :D.
    Don't you live this time of the year?
    Happy Spring!

  2. Margaret, that's your backyard? Let me move to where you live.

    Of course, I'm fighting the same thing, I want to go plant the plants I got in the mail today.

  3. I've been busy spring cleaning. Somehow after the vernal equinox, the way the sun comes in the windows AND SHOWS ME ALL THE DUST I MISSED ALL WINTER! UGH>

  4. I love working in the yard when spring arrives. Spring is meant for yard work because if you wait for summer, it is way too hot here. Since I do most of my writing at night, I indulge myself with some outside time during the day.

  5. I think its after a long wet cold winter the sun makes us want to got out and enjoy it.
    I am having the same issue in autumn as we didn't have alot of real summer it was wetter and cooler than normal and the days like today which have the sun out and warmer I just want to go soak up the sun knowing there wont be alot more of this.
    I really need to get out in the garden to but am snowed under with school work.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has spring fever. When I taught high school the kids at this time couldn't wait to get out of school for the summer.

  7. I have something today cos I should be doing study really should but the sun is saying come out so I have!

  8. Love the photo!

    I usually take my work outside on the back deck. It's hard to see the computer screen, though. I usually have to find something I can do on paper.

  9. We had snow yesterday and it cold and rainy again today. Soooo looking forward to spring really arriving! I'll be so happy I'll dance in the sunshine.