Friday, April 22, 2011

Ask Elnora--It's Good Friday--so tell us something good!

My precious people, today is Good Friday. What a special day for all of us. There are so many bad things going on in the world today, we sometimes become overwhelmed with helplessness. But Elnora knows we're not helpless! I went with a few friends to see the movie "The Grace Card" this week. Powerful story about hatred and racism and a griefing family. But if you change the race card to the grace card, you have a whole new world. The grace card says "I promise to pray for you everyday. Ask for your forgiveness, grant you the same and be your friend always." It's that simple. We can all extend grace to someone else, especially today when the world needs a little grace.

So tell me--What is good about your life? What blessings can you share on this special holy day? Me, I am blessed to have Big Daddy, my darling husband who puts up with the many moods of Elnora (and Lenora), and I have two beautiful grown children who continue to surprise and amaze me (even on days when they make my hair gray!!!) I have roof over my head and flowers in my garden and friends to laugh and cry with. Friends such as all of you. And I know that no matter what, God loves me and gives me His grace. Oh, and I have shoes and books, of course!!! But that's enough about me. I want to know what's good in your life?


  1. I always have mixed feelings on "Good Friday" How can we call it Good when Jesus went through such a horrific death on the Cross. Ten I look at it again an think "Good" because HE gave his life that WE might have a life eternally, ask and ye shall receive,what a wonderful Savior.
    Yes today is definately a "Good Friday" because HE Loves me....

  2. Amen. I feel the same way. It's a bittersweet victory but He is risen!!

  3. I misspelled grieving. But I have done some griefing too!!

  4. Hi Elnora:

    I think it is good that there is something rather than nothing.

    Nothing would be easier. It requires no creator, no energy, no thought, no justification and no explanation.

    Nothing would seem to be the most likely state. But there is something rather than nothing. And that something is discoverable. It follows laws. It lets me exist as an individual and center of my own universe. I am unique in all existence.

    I think it is good that most of man’s problems would disappear if he were just moral. If people didn’t commit crimes, take drugs, be unkind to others and act irresponsibly, think of the resources that would free up and the suffering it would alleviate. It costs nothing to be moral.

    I think it is good that Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the light.” Living a Christian life and practicing Christian values, is not only good for the hereafter; it is good for the here and now.

    It is good that Christ is the answer.


  5. Thanks Vince. Yes, Christ is the answer.

  6. I've always wondered how those who don't know Christ get out bed. I am thankful for so many things. But, it's when I lose my thankfulness that I need and call for Him most.

  7. I can't begin to name all the good things in my life. I am so blessed. Like Pamela, when I lose my thankfulness, I need Jesus most. His death, burial and resurrection--what a powerful story. Praise God!

  8. Wonderful to hear all your comments. We have good in our lives because He Lives. Happy Easter to everyone.

  9. Just finished two plus days of working on financial aid forms (FAFSA, Profile, IDOC), which is why I haven't been around before now. Even though it's a long process, I'm so thankful for all the financial aid Duke University gives us so my son can attend his dream school that he's talked about since about age 8. :)

    I'm thankful for spring (I am not a cold weather person!), for a wonderful home, food (just got back from grocery store), my family, good health... and on and on.

    And I'm thankful for our risen Savior!

  10. Wow, you've been busy, Missy. With good things it sounds like. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  11. Oh Lenora I just saw I won a book I am so excited. (look what happens when I take Easter off!)

    Here Good Friday is a public holiday an many will go to church shops are shut and its a special day. Good does sound wrong as it was a sad day as to the people of the time i looked like evil had defeated Good. But then Good triumphed.
    With out Good Friday I wouldn't be a christian today as the Jews would still be the chosen people and gentile wouldn't have a way to God.


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