Saturday, April 30, 2011


Managing a Wyoming sheep ranch and a feisty little girl isn't easy for widow Melanie McAllister. The last thing she needs is yet another forest ranger to stir up trouble for the ranchers. But when she meets single dad Scott Ennison and his daughter, she realizes there's something special about this ranger. Scott has vowed to protect the land and the ranchers his predecessors have alienated in the past. Yet no one wants to trust him—except courageous Melanie. Together they'll prove that a rancher and a ranger can become neighbors, friends…maybe even a family.

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  1. You know this is so cute and now I want it. wonder if others feel like saying stop the presses for a bit so I can catch up on reading! With so many good books coming out I cant keep up. infact I will never catch up even if I didn't get one more book this year I would still never catch up.


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