Monday, April 25, 2011

Easing back into the week...

Hello from Lisa Mondello. If you're like me, you're coming down from your sugar high from all that Easter chocolate and candy the Easter bunny left. I spent the morning nursing my coffee and staring at my computer screen.

Hopefully you were in better shape than me! But I do hope that all you enjoyed your Easter Sunday and that it was filled with wonderful food and the company of family and good friends. Many blessings to you!

Lisa Mondello


  1. Quiet Easter, and a little chocolate.
    Yes, very nice.

  2. We had a long weekend here 5 days in all as ANZAC fell yesterday.
    Its been so nice having the time off. been reading, a jigsaw and the beginning of the weekend friday was wet so watched some DVD's. the rest of the weekend has been wonderful weather lovely and sunny and a few books read.

  3. I had 1 M&M. ONE. And my daughter begrudged me that one! LOL She's trying to help me stay on my low carb diet. So no sugar recovery for me this year. Waaaa.



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