Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Special About Easter?

Linda Goodnight here. Easter is coming up this Sunday. Of all the holy days, to me Resurrection Day is the most special, the most significant. Jesus gave himself as the sacrificial lamb that we might live. Wow! That moves me just to type it.

Every year, I look for ways, beyond our beautiful Easter Church services, to celebrate Christ’s resurrection with more honor and zeal. For instance, last year, we made Resurrection eggs for our new daughter to learn the Easter Story. In turn, she decorated the living room wall with Easter art and made this egg wreath.

So I thought I’d ask:

What special things do you do to prepare for and celebrate Easter? (And can I steal your ideas? lol)


  1. Being an aussie here Good Friday would be one of our most important days on the Christian calendar. Friday is a public holiday with most shops are shut infact only two days a year are most things shut, Good Friday and Christmas day.
    I know Easter Sunday is important to and we do celebrate Resurrection Sunday also but you cant have Easter Sunday without Good Friday.
    I haven't got any ideas for you but love the wreath you made.

  2. Linda,
    Since I no longer have children at home, I don't do all my Easter activities. But today I scheduled some ecards to go off to family & friends on Saturday. And I'm planning a feast for family on Sunday. TURKEY--my dh is so happy.

  3. Ausjenny,
    I love that Good Friday is extra special in Australia and the shops close!! I didn't know, so you've taught me something about your lovely country!

  4. Lyn, E-cards. I have never thought about doing that. What a great idea!

    I think we're having the usual ham and maybe a brisket, depending on how many of my clan show up! And a bunny cake, of course. I always make a bunny cake.

  5. Linda,
    I make a bunny cake, too. But this year, I think we are going out to eat, so probably no bunny cake. Besides, I'm trying to shed a few pounds.

  6. Janet I think Canada is the same for Good Friday. I think its cos we are linked to England and they also celebrate Easter starting with the Maundy Thursday Service where they will have the communion like Jesus did with the last supper and some will have a night watch (when Jesus went to pray) Then Good Friday. Its also a time lots of families get together like at Christmas.
    Me Im going to sit here watch dvds, read and do a jigsaw. As Good Friday is considered one of the most holy days I dont do work outside incase it upsets the neighbours (not so much now as it use to be)

  7. I need to shed more than a few pounds, Merrilee! But I probably won't. lol


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