Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Kid on the Block

Missy, here. I'd like to welcome new kid Ginny Aiken, who's not actually new to Love Inspired (she's had LI suspense novels published) but is new to Love Inspired Romance. Her first LI, The Daddy Surprise, will be out in June.

Ginny, congrats on your upcoming LI! Can you tell us titles of the books you've published with Love Inspired Suspense?

Mixed up With The Mob
Mistaken For The Mob
Married to The Mob
Danger in a Small Town
Someone To Love
All of them are LI Suspense, and the first three were the most fun to write of all I've written, while the other three were definitely the most challenging because of the subject matter. I love both series.

Can you tell us a blurb about The Daddy Surprise?
I can't beat the back cover copy on the absolutely gorgeous cover of The Daddy Surprise! Here it is:
Matthew "Ryder" Lyndon has just learned he's the father of a five-year-old girl. A girl who suddenly appears in his life with her mother, Lucie Adams--and Lucie is everything Ryder remembers. Beautiful, sun-washed, a free spirit who made him smile. But she'd trampled his heart with her sudden disappearance six years ago. Coming face-to-face with each other again, both Ryder and Lucie are reminded of what they once shared. Now God has given him an unexpected blessing in their daughter. After all this time, can Ryder find a place for them in his life?

Sounds like a great story! What's your favorite vacation spot?
Vacation? You've got to be kidding! What's a vacation??? Four college educations have put vacations in a distant category. These days, my favorite vacation is time with my two little grandsons...wherever they might be.

Grandkids are enough fun to call a vacation! :) What's something people may not know about you?

That English isn't my native language! Believe me, in spite of my lack of foreign accent and my totally American education, sentence structure has at times been a massive challenge.
Ginny, thanks so much for giving us a sneak peek! We'll be looking forward to your new book. I guess book club subscribers will get it this month! :)

A former newspaper reporter, Ginny Aiken lives in northwestern Indiana with her husband of thirty-four years, their three dogs, and her husband's miniature parrot--yes, his parrot. Ginny was born in Havana, Cuba, and was raised in Valencia and Caracas, Venezuela. An avid reader, she wrote her first book at the age of fifteen but burned it when she turned a 'mature' sixteen. University in Europe, college in northwestern Pennsylvania, and four sons followed. In the hope of retaining some sanity amid all that testosterone, she turned to writing and still works at the hardest job she'll ever love--except raising those four guys. When Ginny's not writing, she's reading, knitting, embroidering counted cross-stitch, or playing with her two gorgeous grandsons.


  1. I read those first ones, Ginny, they were fun to read. LOL, welcome experienced kid on the block.

  2. Ginny, I never realized English isn't your native language. So I'm doubly impressed by your writing success!!

  3. Welcome Ginny...I've read many of your books over the years and am looking forward to reading your newest. :)


  4. Ginny,
    Welcome. How interesting to learn that you were born in Havana. Your new book sounds great.

  5. Pamela, the titles even sound fun, don't they? :)

    Linda, I didn't know either!

    Jenny, thanks for stopping by!

    Merrillee, I learned that about her as well!

  6. Great! I am adding this one to my list!

    Was it hard to write straight romance or is there a bit of suspense in your new LI?

    Peace, Julie

  7. This sounds like a great book.
    I have read some of your older books not lI books and loved them.
    didn't realise english wasn't your first language either.

  8. Julie, there is not a drop of suspense in The Daddy Surprise, and while I LOVE dead bodies in a manuscript--just ask Lynette Eason over at LIS--I've written straight romance before. Not many, true, but I've still done it. And about the English part, even at my advanced age ;-) [No, I'm not telling} I still speak Spanish with Mom and Dad, and my sister and I communicate in Spanglish!

  9. Ginny, you know I love you so much!
    In English or Spanish! Good to see you here!


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