Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Yes, you've probably heard those words a thousand times but, in this instance, it really is true. So today I thought we'd have a little fun and put you all to the task of captioning the following picture. 

Just for the record, that is not a real gun. Rather an air soft gun that one of my sons left on my desk when he finished watching television. Still, I was a little surprised at the scene when I walked into my office the next morning and thought it made for an interesting picture.

I can't wait to what y'all come up with.

Ready... GO!


  1. Oh so true, Mary. And spoken like a true suspense author. ;-)

  2. Too funny, Mindy. My mind just goes there I guess. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

  3. One way or another, Mindy was going to get rid of those weasel words today!

  4. Mindy believes in hands-on research!

  5. The lengths we must go to for research, right Debby?

  6. 1. She had to protect herself from that madman. Now to youtube how to use a gun and her plan would be perfect.
    2. Charlie! Why does he never put his toy gun away. Delia picked it up but ut wasn't a toy gun...
    3. Hopefully having a gun would inspire that shooting scenr
    4. A gun paperweight a fun gag gift from a friend

  7. Also meant to say I really like that first one.


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