Friday, January 22, 2016

Blast from the Past - Guess the Author

It's that time when we glimpse into the past of one of our Craftie Ladies. The first reader to correctly guess this month's author will receive a copy of this author's latest Love Inspired release.


Here's your clue:

This author grew up in Michigan and clearly is an attention hog. Look at that costume! Her beautiful sister is NOT strangling the dog—they both loved Lady. This photo was taken when the author was five. She’d taken a tumbling class all year (and bragged to one girl that she could do the splits on a balance beam even though she’d never been on a balance beam) and almost spontaneously combusted at the thrill of dressing up for an actual recital. She lived in this costume until, sadly, she outgrew it.

The author dreamed of being an Olympic gymnast (two tumbling seasons don’t produce Olympic athletes), an Olympic ice skater (she’s skated roughly four times in her life), a dancer in music videos, and pretty much any other activity that requires a costume. Today, she does not wear polka-dotted tumbling costumes, but she does love yoga pants!

Do you know who this is? Leave your guess in the comments to be entered in the contest. And be sure to look for more clues in the comment section throughout the day.

Good luck!


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