Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fairy Tales

Hi Terri Reed here talking about Fairy Tales.  Most of us have grown up hearing fairy tales, either through written stories read to us by our parents and caregivers, or watching the reworked Disney versions.  Or watching television current shows like Once Upon A Time or Grimm.  I have to say I'm enjoying both shows, for different reasons.  Once Upon A Time takes well loved versions of classic stories and reimagines them, intertwining them with days of old and modern times.  While Grimm is a retelling of the Grimm Brothers tales set in modern day Portland Oregon.  Where I happen to live!
Its been exciting for us Portlander's to see the Grimm crews filing around town, to catch sightings of the actors and recognizing the setting.  If any of you watch Grimm, the scenes in the diner that Nick and Hank frequent is directly across the street from my husband's office.
Are you a fan of these shows?
Who is your favorite character?

Oh, next week on May 22nd, I'm doing a live chat at Romance Reviews Today, 9m Eastern time.  I've participated in some live chats. but never as the guest.  If you're interested, stop in.

Scent of Danger out now!


  1. How cool. So, who have you spotted?

    Both shows are on my someday list.

    Today, I watched an episode of Quantum Leap :)

    And, an episode of Andy Griffith.

    Even if I find a good show that my eight year old can watch, the commercials manage to offend.

  2. Hi Pam, I agree on the commercials! When my kids were little we only had PBS on and then when we finally got cable, the disney channel or NickJr. for the very reason of commercials.

    I personally haven't seen any of the actors. If I do I'll probably have a 'fan' moment.

    I love Quantum Leap! When it was first on, I had the biggest crush on Scott.


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