Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Hi, this is Margaret Daley and I wanted to give my thanks to every person who has served in our armed forces to protect our freedom and country. Memorial Day was first observed in May 1868 and finally was declared a national holiday for the last Monday in May in 1971.

My father served in the army as a doctor. I can remember going up into our attic as a little girl and seeing his uniform. I used to wear his hat around. He is dead now, but while thinking about him on this Memorial Day, I thought about those times I played in the attic role playing.

Do you have anyone special you remember on Memorial Day?


  1. First of all, my deepest thanks to all who serve our country and protect our freedom.

    On Memorial Day I think of my grandfather, who served in the South Pacific in WW2. He was in the Sea Bees (Navy) and occasionally talked about his time in service. He lived to age 96 and enjoyed going to reunions of his fellow Sea Bees.

  2. Hi Margaret! What a fabulous memory!!! Thanks for sharing. I can see you in that uniform. What a doll!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Christine. Waving to you, Renee.


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