Saturday, May 4, 2013

Featured Book: Healing the Forest Ranger

Rancher to the rescue:
When a wild mustang threatens someone's life, rancher Cade Baldwin springs into action. But he's not pleased when he sees the beautiful woman he's saved is the town's new forest ranger. Lyn Warner is determined to round up the wild horses Cade loves so much. But she's also the woman who makes him smile like no one else. After her husband died in a car crash, Lyn turned her back on her beliefs and focused all her attention on her injured daughter. But Cade's strong faith and steady love might be exactly what they all need to create an unbreakable family.


  1. I loved this book....actually, I really enjoyed the five books in this series. Leigh is a fantastic writer!

  2. Jackie, you are so kind. And one of the reasons I write is to make readers happy. So, thank you.


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