Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Waltzes, Corsets and Rakes, Oh My!

Hello from Jessica Nelson, formerly a writer of World War I era romances.

No longer though.

Oh no, I had a rake with a story, and an almost-on-the-shelf lady in need of some romance! And so I've dug into the Regency era. The fun, the wit, the rules. Oh the rules...they drive me nuts!!

Who gets called "My lord" and who gets called "Mr."? Can my heroine ride with her suitor in an open carriage but not in a closed one? Can their hands ever touch?

What is your favorite historical time period to read about? Which one do you think is the most romantic?


  1. Who doesn't love a Rake?!

    In another life I probably would have written Regencies. I adored the all the Regency book clubs -- the little category books. The last line shut down the year I sold.

    I feel there's an untapped market there waiting to be mined. If I ever find the time to self-pub, it will be sweet, 55k Regencies :)

  2. Good morning, Jessica. I loooove the Regency time period. The Victorian era. And thanks to Phillipa Gregory I'm a fan of the Henry VIII time period as well. Guess that means I really like England-set historicals. ;-)

  3. Regency is my top pick, then other England time periods, then the American West late 1800s.

  4. My favorite time period is the old west! I love it! Love the cowboys, the sheriffs, the damsels in distress, the dusty boardwalks of the western towns...all of it!

  5. I love regencies, too! You are brave, Jessica, to venture into that world. All those rules! I'd be petrified of getting it wrong. Hang in there!

  6. Kudos on venturing into the Regency era, Jessica. I love Regency books, but I wouldn't be brave enough to write one. I also like Victorian, Renaissance, Medieval, Carla Capshaw's Roman gladiator series, Renee Ryan's WWII series, pretty much any era as long as it's historical, LOL.

  7. I love Victorian times but I must admit, I admire the nifty fifties. Not exactly history but the forties and fifties had some of the most beautiful fashions. And it was a time when our country was growing and changing even while it held a hint of sentimental things before the revolution took over!


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