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What is your favourite genre to read?

We all have that one favourite genre, or setting, or plot we love to read. Sometimes it stems back to our youth, when we would slip under the covers of our bed and read with a flashlight, or when we put that book in the center of our school textbook and just read freely, hoping our parents would only glance our way and be pleased we were finally showing an interest in history.
Oh, yes, we were. Or at least I was. I was deep in English history, fighting Normans alongside the Saxons, or exploring a great old castle with a Victorian maid brought to be a governess.
These old faves brought comfort to us. They were soul food for our minds.
Do you still read them? Does your heart still flutter when you spy a novel so like the ones you used to read?

But I can honestly say I took the love of that genre one step further. This past March, I was published in it with Bound To The Warrior.
Bound to the Warrior (Love Inspired Historical Series)
Bound To The Warrior
Yes, my all time favourite time period, the Norman conquest of England. There was something about it, the last time England had been conquered. That paradox of wanting a strong king and an English one, getting a Norman King who would forever change history.
Did you know one of the first things William the Conqueror did was abolish slavery in England? He was a brutal, unyielding king, who paradoxically forgave those Saxons who fought against him. There is absolutely no evidence in the history books that he ever cheated on his wife, who bore him many fine sons. And yet, she also defied him, and fought him, and he mourned her when she died.
All periods of history are fraught with interesting tidbits. The rulers of each time period instilled upon them cliches of time and yet, unique aspects of that often contrary human spirit. Queen Victoria bemoaned her fate when she was told she should not have any more children, asking what she was to do for fun. And in the Regency Period, only the poor paid cash. Everyone else lived on credit.
With Bound to the Warrior, I was able to incorporate all the wonderful things I'd come to love about the medieval period, and found out so much more. 'Twas a dangerous time, aye, but one on the cusp of greatness.
What is your favourite time period or setting? What bit of trivia do you know about that time period? What setting do you like, and why?


  1. I like England but tend to be a Henry the 8th era fan. Last summer my water aerobics teacher was Catherine Howard. I didn't tell her about her name in history.

  2. I don't know that I have a favorite. I love history of all kinds.

  3. I love suspense so my fav genre time period is contemporary.

    That being said, I lived in Germany for three years and lost my heart in all the castles and medieval villages. Each was special in its own way.

    Dover Castle in the UK was one of my favorites. We had a fantastic guide who provided so much info. Amazing!

  4. I love reading historical romance, but my tastes have grown to include speculative elements. The steampunk, time travel, and historical fantasy trends are right up my alley.

  5. Pamela, that was such an exciting and scary time!
    Merrilee, good for you to love all history! LOL
    Debby, I lived in Germany and loved the castles. I lived in England, but never saw Dover Castle.
    Brandi, I raise my glass to you for trying new things.
    And The Desert Rocks, who doesn't love adventure? I know I do!
    Thank you all for dropping by.

  6. I love that Norman time period. My second book was set in 1066. My hero was a Viking. So Harold, the Anglo-Saxon king, fought the Vikings and won at Stamford Bridge. He fought the Normans the next week. It was a tough couple of weeks.

  7. I love reading historical england early 1800s and love inspired cowboy. My favourite historical setting are when a couple is dancing while engaged in whitty dialogue and current era when the heroine shocks the hero in a good way especially when he had has under-estimated her.

  8. I love to read all periods except biblical times. Don't know why.

  9. I read several type but like the historical best, many authors research well and I learn many things when I read their books.
    Paula O

  10. I love anything set in England, but my favorite is the Victorian era. I also like turn-of-the-twentieth century stories.


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