Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Visit with Ausjenny!

Debby Giusti (L) greets Jenny Blake (R), an LI reader
and dear friend from Australia.
Last Thursday I talked about setting in a suspense story, which goes hand-in-hand with location. Often the spots we choose in our stories are real places we like to visit.

On Monday, a number of Atlanta Love Inspired authors gathered at the airport Ruby Tuesday's Restaurant to meet a dear friend who stops by the Craftie Ladies' site almost daily. Jenny Blake, from Australia, was passing through Atlanta on her whirlwind USA vacation. Missy Tippens, Patty Smith Hall, Patti Jo Moore and I were able to spend three delightful hours visiting with Ausjenny!

From the pictures, you can tell we had fun. The conversation often centered on LI books and favorite authors so if your ears were burning, you know why! Jenny is a huge reader and LI supporter and a wonderful person with a heart of gold.
(L to R) Debby Giusti, Jenny Blake, Missy Tippens,
Patty Smith Hall and Patti Jo Moore.

The location was perfect for our get-together, although I did make a wrong turn taking her back to the airport after lunch. We joked if it were a suspense story there probably would be an explosion and a run for our lives. Luckily, we turned around and followed a nice cabby to the terminal and got Jenny to her next connection on time.

Safe travel, Jenny! Thanks for being with us Monday. Hope to see you on your next trip to Atlanta.
(L to R) Debby Giusti, Jenny Blake and Patti Jo Moore.
Welcome to Atlanta, Ausjenny!

What's your favorite location for a story, and do you like to read about real places or do you prefer fictional destinations!

Wishing you abundant blessings,
Debby Giusti


  1. It looks like a wonderful time! I get to meet Jenny next week in Spokane when many of us get together. Traveling mercies to Jenny!

  2. I had such a great time! I hope Jenny is having a blast at her next travel stop. :)

  3. Oh Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont look as tired as I felt. I loved our time together and it was really good. (I joked in the suspense I would be the one bumped off!)
    On the Georgia/tennessee border at present and having a great time.
    I am loving seeing new things and meeting new people.
    I love real places that I have seen or could see. A few books have made me have to go to the places like Hawaii. And then I have read books where I have been and think Oh I know that place or I have done that. It makes it so cool. Fictional is ok too. expecially the smaller towns.

  4. Okay, seriously, seriously COOL! I wish I'd know you were going to be there, Jenny. I would have made the trip from Savannah. Next time!!!!


  5. Debby, thanks for sharing your get-together. Jenny, what a fun time. Enjoy your time in the US.

  6. Love that you posted about your get together.

    Renee Ryan, I say we get a group of us together and go visit Jenny when we return home!

    Peace, Julie

  7. Are you ever coming through Chicago on your travels?

  8. That was such a fun time, and it was wonderful meeting Jenny in person! Praying for continued safe travels, dear Jenny, and thanks for spending time with us.
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

    P.S. Special thanks also to sweet Debby Giusti, for letting me "catch a ride" with you! ;)

  9. ahh Renee, I wish I had thought of that you and I could have went up to atl good to see ausJenny here with the authors she loves, she looks good and we comment often on other sites so see her in a lot of places. I have not met anyone in person from internet but several of the LIH ones are meeting AusJenny in spokane next weekend. I am sad that I won't get to connect while she is in the states. I know she is enjoying this one in a million trip...
    Paula O

  10. Can't wait to meet you when you come to Spokane, Jenny! Looks like you are having fun! Don't have too much fun though because we have fun things planned for you on the West Coast :)

  11. Hi Kathy,

    I know you'll have a fun time at your Welcome Jenny to Spokane get-together!

  12. Missy, wasn't it a delightful day! I loved every minute!

  13. Hi Jenny,
    I spent the night at my daughter's house and was away from my computer. Just returned home. I planned to email you about posting the pics, but you've already stopped by! YAY!

    Beautiful weather in GA! Hope the sun's shining in TN too!

    BTW, you didn't look tired at all! Even after the long trip you had to take to get to ATL.

  14. Renee and Julie and Paula...

    Wish you could have joined us! Next time maybe?

  15. Julie, love the new pic and new you. Cute hairstyle.

  16. Hi Patti glad you could read the directions or we never would have found the restaurant!


  17. Waving to Merrillee and Allie!

    Yay, Valri! So glad you'll be part of the Spokane group. I know you'll have a wonderful time! Wish I could join you that day, as well.

  18. What fun. I'm glad Ausjenny got to meet you Atlanta folks. Where else are you going Ausjenn? There are plenty of us LS writers all over the country, who'd love to meet with you.

  19. Hi Leann,
    Jenny's in Chattanooga, TN, at the moment.

  20. Yes Im on the border in Rossville about 2 miles from Tennessee. I go to washington dc Saturday Have Sunday afternoon free there is anyone lives there. I even have a cell phone now I can use.
    found out I cant unlock it to use in australia but its good for here.
    I am doing an 8 day tour then onto Spokane and then Seattle/Port Orchard and Hawaii. Went to the chickamauga battle field today and its amazing. I have photos on my facebook page (im under ausjenny at tomorrow will be a quieter day. maybe the zoo. then a road trip to the alabama border!
    Oh I am in denver airport for 3 hours on Sunday the 19th.

  21. Wow, wish I could have been there. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. So, Jenny, what was your favorite sight?

  22. tough question Pamela. I love the view of Rock City but I think maybe Ruby Falls.

  23. I have posted a little of my travels at my blog I used my photo of the meeting also. I figure as its here no one would mind. (my other friends are camera shy).

  24. Hi Jenny! You really are on a whirlwind tour of the United States. How fabulous that you're able to meet so many LI authors! Have fun on the rest of your trip.

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