Friday, August 2, 2013

Ask Elnora--About climbing that mountain??? Lenora Worth

Hello, my craftie friends. Long time, no blog. But I'm back and ready to talk writing. I've scaled a few mountains since the last time we chatted. And almost fell off of one of them. The hike up another one in hiking boots with cement embedded in the leather. Okay. that's what it felt like to my two big toes which kept hitting the tip of my boots on both the going up and the coming down moves. I have bruised and battered toes to prove it and I'm not sure I'll ever wear real shoes again!

But all that climbing got me to thinking about how we climb mountains every day in our work and in our lives. We put one foot before the other one and we just go. One thing I've learned in this business--you have to learn to write through anything. You have to find that next breath to scale that hill that looks too high. You have to climb over the obstacles that hold you back, the rocks full of doubt and the deeply buried roots of frustration and fear. We have to push away any despair or weariness because we want to reach that summit. And when we do reach the top of the mountain, we find a sight so lovely we realize it was worth the effort after all.

Big D and I searched for waterfalls. We found several that took our breaths away. Hurt feet and all!
On our last day of mountain adventures, we took a long drive through a place called Roaring Fork. Ironically, we found the most beautiful spot I've ever seen in the quiet beauty of a deep-woods forest. We didn't have to climb to find that spot. We drove right through it. 

This is a good lesson for life. We fight to make that climb when sometimes all we have to do is push through and walk right into the spot God has placed there for us to find. I scaled lots of mountains a few weeks ago, both physically and in my head. One day, I'll explain how my adventures on the mountain mirrored my adventures in my work, too. Life is always full of amazing surprises. If we only wait to find them! Have you ever experienced a mountain-top moment?


  1. I've worn those shoes! Ouch. Sounds like you had great fun, and welcome back.

  2. thanks. It's good to be back!!

  3. Since I LOVE the mountains, your adventure sounds lovely (except for the sore feet!). And I'm sure the waterfalls you saw were beautiful. *sigh* Now I'm yearning to visit the mountains again...
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  4. I love the mountains, too. So beautiful and nice and cool


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