Friday, August 9, 2013

Ask Elnora--About being a princess? Lenora Worth

Hello, princesses and divas! I'm in a very good mood this morning. Maybe because I had a good week, writing wise. I have a new batch of stories to create, new books to write, new ideas to play with--and of course, all of these characters in my head who won't let me alone until I tell their stories.

I'm also very excited about the upcoming September release of my next Love Inspired Suspense--In Pursuit of a Princess. It's about a widowed American princess who has a lot of secrets. But a handsome photojournalist follows her around and decides he needs to find out those secrets. I enjoyed writing this story because I think deep inside we all have a little bit of princess in us.
And who doesn't love a handsome photojournalist?

That got me to thinking--If you were a true princess, would you use your powers for good or evil? Would you buy princess shoes or would you hide in your castle and read books all day? Would you serve your friends cupcakes and coffee or ice cream and lemonade? Or would you be the kind of princess who shunned fluffy girly stuff and went out to fight important battles?

I believe we'd all fight the good fight, even wearing our tiaras and pink shoes. Let's discuss being princesses. Who is your favorite fairy tale princess? I like Cinderella of course ;)) One shoe can change a girl's life, after all!


  1. What a great title, Lenora! The story sounds fantastic.

    I have to admit I'd love to be pampered like a princess! But I would hope I would act for good in the world as well. Using my position to help others. :)

  2. I love princess stories! Nice cover :) Like Missy, I think I'd enjoy the perks as well as the chance to help others.

  3. My older granddaughter is the princess wannabe in the family. I get to play princess whenever we play Barbies together because she has most of the Disney princesses. I'm thinking that I like Rapunzel.

  4. So I see we have a lot of princessy craftie ladies here. We should have princess week sometimes!!

  5. As the only girl-child in our family, and a Daddy's girl, I was kind of a princess growing up. I miss it. :) Could be one reason I like princess books.

  6. not sure i would be a good princess. I would need to be doing something helping or doing something. Reading would be nice but I have found having time to myself not being able to do alot with my wrist I go mad.
    I hate to say it I am not a shoe person but pretty dresses would be cool.
    I am not sure which princess I would like to be but in real life I admire Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (it could be the fact shes an aussie).

  7. I'd love having someone pick clothes out for me and do my hair But, for all that, I'd be Pocohontas because I couldn't clean like Cinderella, I couldn't take care of seven men like Snow White.

    Mulan is a choice, too.


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