Monday, August 12, 2013

Torn By Emotions

Missy, here. I have to admit I'm behind on scheduling blog posts for Mondays! I've dropped the ball, thus no post today. I'm sorry.

I'm in the middle of getting my son ready to go off to college, and I've been very distracted. He's my middle "child" so I've been through this before. But it's no easier this time around. I'm overwhelmed at moments with the thought of him possibly never living at home again. I'm excited for him because he's going off to live his dream (studying aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech), yet I'm sad.

Have you had moments like that where you're torn by two very different emotions?


  1. I completely understand, Missy, and agree that even with that 2nd child it's no easier when they move to college. And I hope when your "baby" moves out you handle that 3rd one better than I did...that was the hardest of all for me *sniff*.
    But on the bright side, none of my kiddos are too terribly far away--so that's a HUGE blessing!!
    Hang in there! Hugs, Patti Jo

  2. haven't had the child to college issue but I do know about be feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
    That describes a lot of the past year or so.
    Its like with the wrist I have been waiting for an appointment only to find that the waiting list is 2 years. I know have a private appointment and have had to switch from waiting know having a date and its totally different. I think while waiting I wanted the appointment and the wrist fixed and still do but didn't have to think about the appointment. Now I have an appointment its a whole different lot of emotions and thoughts and knowing an operation may happen with in a few months. (just need my dr to write the referral). While I want the wrist fixed I also have that what happens now feeling.
    I think the fall a couple weeks back was actually a blessing in disguise as it shows the issue is still very much a problem.

  3. Jenny Blake, praying for you, sweet lady, and sending gentle hugs to Australia. :)

  4. Thanks, Patti Jo. I can't even consider two years from now when my "baby" goes off. :)

    Jenny, I totally understand the fear you're talking about. Even with the relief of having an appointment, you dread what will probably be needed. Just focus on being pain free down the road. And we'll be supporting you in prayer.

  5. Thanks Missy I think you are right but its more than fear its more the unknown and the task of finding someone to stay with (they wont let you go home alone after surgery) I know it will work out. I will find out tomorrow if I need to stay 2 nights or if I can get a ride to the city. if I can get a ride would be better otherwise I need to change the time of the appointment.


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