Monday, August 2, 2010

California Here We Come

Pamela Tracy here. I'm sitting in my aunt's office and staring out at a type of fog we don't see in Arizona. It's from the ocean. We're on vacation. It's been five days, and we've filled them with plenty of fun. Last Wednesday, we left Phoenix.
Our fun stop: Palm Springs. We (birth mother, older sister, husband, son, me) rode a rotating tram up to the top of a look out. Most of the regular Craftie readers know I'm afraid of heights. So, did tram once; don't need to do again. The family loved it :)
Thursday we went to an old mission and explored. I watched a woman spinning wool and also learned more about Zorro than I knew. I stood in a century old chapel and saw the crack from an earthquake.
Then, onto the beach. I have one word: cold. It was fun, also (especially since no height was involved). My son thought it most wonderful. He was elated and terrified at the same time, mostly elated.
Friday was the best day of all: LegoLand. I'd heard mixed reviews, but let me tell you, for a little guy of five, LegoLand is perfect. We were there ten hours and not once did we stop. Saturday we did the Santa Ana Zoo. Lots of monkeys. The land was donated to the zoo and they must have 55 monkey to keep it. Saturday night we did a family swim and eat with some of my cousins and second cousins at my aunt's house. Sunday, after church (my uncle Fred is a pastor) we returned to Santa Ana (We're staying in Mission Viejo with family) and played all afternoon at the Science Center. Today we head home, and boy am I behind on my writing. But, I have lots to write about!


  1. Vacations are always fun, but they can be tiring.

  2. I just dragged in. Luggage in the house but I'm not unpacking. I'll do that tomorrow.

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