Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lyn Cote-Back to Where I Began

Lyn Cote here--In just three and a half weeks, Shelter of Hope, my first brand-new Love Inspired SINCE 2005 will hit the shelves of Wal-Marts and bookstores. I don't want you to think that I have been idle in the intervening five years.

In those five years, I've written two historical trade series: The Women of Ivy Manor and Texas Star of Destiny. I've also written a series for Love Inspired Suspense, Harbor Intrigue, and the Gabriel Sister series for Love Inspired Historical.

But it feels good to get back to where I started. My first Love Inspired, Never Alone, was my first book way back in 1998. I was privileged to be in the first generation of Love Inspired authors.

So now you know how long I've been around with Love Inspired. When did you read your first one? And do you remember what it was? How did you discover Love Inspired romances? Do tell!


  1. Hi Lyn,
    WOW! That is very exciting for you and your readers! LOL!

    I read my first LI.....2 years ago now I think. A little over that I think. My first was Mom in the Middle by Mae Nunn. It was fabulous and left me wanting more. I've been hooked ever since!!

    My first LI Suspense was Final Warning by Sandra Robbins. WOW! Left me gripping the edge of my seat constantly!

    Great post today, Lyn! And congratulations, that is quite an accomplishment!

  2. Thanks, Hannah, I feel very blessed! Hope you're having a good summer!
    Keep Kool!

  3. I'd have to go to Fiction DB to look at the titles of the LI's to figure out which one I read first because I don't remember.

    I do, however, remember my first LIS. It was one by Elizabeth White, and when I finished (because my first love is suspense) I thought "Finally, a line that publishes what I really want to write.)

    Congrats on such a history, Lyn. I can remember years ago standing in the ACFW bookstore in Denver and seeing three of your trade size books. I think they were historical. You rock.

  4. Lynn -- I had no idea you haven't had a LI for years -- you were doing so many other books I guess I didn't notice and I love your historicals so I was kept happy.

    I can't remember what LI book I read first, but it could have been one of yours (I've read you for years). I know it was early on in the series though, probably the first year the books were out.

  5. Pamela, I know the feeling. I had been writing inspirationals without knowing it for years. When I finally discovered the re-emerging CBA market, I was thrilled. I was actually sitting right in front of Anne Canadeo, 1st LI editor, at the RWA Conference in Dallas in 1996 when she announced the opening of a new line of inspirational romance, Love Inspired. I nearly leaped over the back of my chair into her lap. But I controlled myself and merely talked to her after the workshop. That was an exciting day. GRIN

  6. Janet, I never think of other authors reading my books. I'm flattered that you read mine. Thanks! When did you sell to LI?

  7. Lyn -- my first Love Inspired, An Angel for Dry Creek, came out for Christmas 1999. I'm not one of the first authors for LI, but I did get to the party pretty quick after it all started. And, don't tell, but I do read a few of the LI books and yours are among them (loved your Patchwork Family). I'd love to read sll the books from each author, but no writer has that much time!

  8. I'm sure you DO feel blessed, Lyn! You have many reasons to....lol! I can imagine that if I were you, I'd feel the same way

    : D

    It's always really fun to hear about all the LI authors journeys, so to speak.

    Thanks for sharing today!!

  9. Lyn, I just received your book with my Love Inspired book order this morning and I haven't been able to put it down. I'll have it finished before bed. I love it. I love LI's and can't wait for my order to arrive each month. Keep them coming.

  10. Hannah, when do you go off to school??

    Cathy, thanks for reading Love Inspired books!

  11. Lynn, the first LI I read was The Risk of Loving by Jane Peart. I had to look it up, but I remembered her name and the cover. It was the third book ever for LI! Came out in 1997. Funny how I remember that so well! I had barely started writing then.


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