Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An empty house--Lenora Worth

We just packed up our son and watched him drive away to a new college. He'd been going to the local college for two years but he was ready for a new adventure away from home and living with his parents. I don't blame him. I grew up on a rural cross road in Georgia and I used to stand out in my front yard and think which road I'd take whenever it was time for me to leave. I couldn't wait to do just that.

But I chose marriage over college and moved to the big city of Atlanta. I felt like I could finally breathe and I knew I would be on my own grand adventure. Soon, we were living in a cute apartment and we had a baby to raise. My grand adventure involved formula and diapers and long walks around the complex, pushing a baby stroller. We had our ups and downs but when I look back and realize how very young we were I'm amazed that we found our way through. So I don't know why I worry about my two grown children. They will survive and thrive just the way my husband and I did. We had our share of ups and downs, money problems and issues. But we held tight and made it through.

These are the kind of stories we write in our books--stories of real life struggles and worries, stories of happy moments and true joy and stories of triumph over pain. Love always wins out; this is the very foundation of what we write.

And tonight, while I sit here listening to the quiet in my house, I know love will win out with those I care about the most. The same moon I see out the window is shining down on those I love, no matter where they are. And God in his wisdom will watch over them. I can breathe again because this crossroad is just another path on a long journey. As long as we have Christ as our Truth North, we can always find our way. Have you ever taken a different path that changed your life?


  1. Lenora -- this is a thought-provoking blog. I can think of several forks in the road of my life -- going to college instead of getting a job out of high school (made a big difference for me); not marrying that guy from high school (an even bigger difference -- he didn't turn out well as he aged); going to graduate school (a big winner) -- the list goes on. I have to give credit to God for leading me in paths I couldn't even see for myself.

  2. Thanks, Janet. I do believe that God is right there with us on the paths we take, even if we didn't purposely invite him along for the trip! Looking back, I can certainly see his hand in all my paths.

  3. Oh, Lenora, you made me cry! Good for you for having a positive attitude about it. I hope I do as well when my last child leaves home.


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