Monday, August 30, 2010

He Who Makes Me Smile Grew Up Last Week

Pamela Tracy here...

The alarm sounded at 7 a.m. I'd been awake for a couple of hours already, pretending to write, but sitting before my computer nerves all atwisted instead. Making my way through the kitchen, I turned left in the hallway and went to the middle room and opened the door.

The Scooby Doo night light really no longer needed to be on.

"Mikey, wake up. Wake up."

He didn't move, but after a few more "Mikey, time to get up," and then my bursting into song, he giggled into his pillow and finally moved. Moved, but didn't get up. So, I tickled his feet and tugged a little, singing all the time. Then, I said the magic words, "Today you start kindergarten."

That got him up.

We had cereal for breakfast, and then he ran to his room to put his uniform on. He doesn't yet quite get that it's a uniform, he just thinks he's wearing clothes. The first day was a half day, so I didn't need to pack a lunch. Still, after he was was dressed, he put his Lego backpack on and insisted on wearing it and the seatbelt.

It's only a ten minute drive to the school. I parked in the lot and together we walked toward the playground. Hundreds of kids milled around. My little man, not shy ever, suddenly was. He decided he didn't want to play, he'd stay with me.

Then, the bell rang and kids took off. Those of us with the little ones waited, watched, and then figured out which line belonged to kindergarten. There were more parents than kids! We walked into a classroom and stood against the wall.

Mikey went from table to table, looking for his name. When he found it, I nodded. Then, he sat at his table, alone at first until first one, then another, and finally the last child sat down. He's at a table for four: two girls, two boys.

The teacher said a welcome, then a prayer, and then had the kids wave goodbye.

Yup, that was a subtle hint.

I blew a kiss and walked out the door.

I didn't cry. Oh, my eyes were damp as I walked back to my car, but, see, I used to be a kindergarten teacher. I know my son is going to have a wonderful time.

I just wish it wasn't all happening so fast.


  1. Pamela -- Hugs -- It's one of those bitter sweet days, isn't it?

  2. got tears in my eyes Pam! It's hard, but it'll get better. You know all too well if you used to be a teacher.

    It's ironic that you'd mention this because I don't leave for school until Friday, but my mom (a kindergarten teacher) and sister (11th grader) started today. I was planning on going and helping my mom in her classroom! Weird how the world works, eh?

    Good luck to Mikey and your family as it's going through these changes! Can't wait to hear how it went : )

  3. Janet,
    I actually wrote this two weeks ago. I'm amazed at how well my little guy is doing. I look at him and think, "He's young; He's not ready." But he is.

  4. Hannah,
    I loved being a kindergarten teacher. And my son is going to have a fabulous year!

  5. Pam, Wait till you watch him stand at the front waiting for his bride to join him. I shed a tear of joy.

  6. Lyn,
    I won't be able to breath, let alone cry. I still, every evening, miss sitting in the rocking chair with him and watching television while he sipped on his beloved bottle.

  7. Oh, so sweet. But difficult, too. It's so hard to let them grow up, even when we know they're in good hands and will be happy.

    sniff sniff

  8. Sniff Sniff is right. We did homework tonight. We looked through magazines for pictures of things that start with b. We found boy and bed.
    He also came home with a note that he needs to work on making his letters.
    I knew that was coming. It took my little guy three years to decide whether he wanted to be right or left handed, and he still does a little of both. Although, he is a leftie pretty much.


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