Monday, August 24, 2009

What a Road Trip!

Hi Everyone, Debra Clopton here.

I have been buried in deadlines and have missed a couple of post and for that I'm really sorry. God has been faithful though and He's helping me get everything done and I'm feeling positive about making this one on time--I usually do but I always worry that I won't! Anyway, I've missed being here. You all know I love road trips...well here is one I'm glad I'm not on but it may show up in one of my books soon! This sweet man and his puppy and horse came by our church last month ( I go to the Cowboy Church of Leon County in Centerville) and so we are all about cowboys still this was unusual. This nice man came to our church in his covered wagon. The amazing thing is that he came from Corpus Christi Texas. That's over six hours away from us by car. It is a road trip I've enjoyed many times. However, by horse driven wagon it had taken this man since MAY to make the trip. Can you imagine. I can't. I talked with him for a long time about his trip since I was fascinated about what would make someone want to do such a thing. He wasn't through by the way, we were just a stop along the way since he was heading to Arkansas! I have no idea how long it would take him to get there. But you know what, he was witnessing as he went. Telling everyone how God had helped him out as he went. And people were so kind to him, inviting him to camp on their places and helping him fix things on the wagon when it would break and just being kind. It made me think about the goodness of is so easy to think only of the bad things since we see so much of it in the news. It made me think that I want to show the kindness of God in all that I do--and you know what that can be hard sometimes since satan has a way of just sneaking up on me sometimes. I've been reading my Bible more and as always God's widom helps me keep my eyes focused on how I want the world to view me and what I can do to help those I meet. Even if its just a smile and a kind word. Sometimes, like I learned from my friend and his wagon its the simple things of life that bring out the best in all of us.
I have to say though that I'm glad I was born to write about the modern day cowboys of Mule Hollow Texas and to drive a T-bird rather than write about cowboys of the wild west and drive a wagon!

Until next time live, laugh, and love God with all your hearts!
Debra Clopton


  1. Deb, that is fascinating. I can't imagine traveling like that. I have a feeling I would have landed on the east coast and never ventured west with those kind of travel accommodations. Diana

  2. Wow I just got chill bumps as I was reading about him witnessing as he was having his road trip. That is absolutely awesome!

  3. What a great story! He must be having an incedibly spiritual and moving road trip. Wouldn't it be great if everyone got to experience something like that?

  4. Wow, what a journey! I can't imagine going that far in a wagon!!

    Thanks for sharing the photo, Debbie.


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