Friday, August 14, 2009

Will He Know My Voice, ponders from Carol Steward

I'm not sure about you, but I've often worried that when I pray for acquaintances of friends, that I'll get their name wrong, or pray for the "wrong" outcome.Sometimes in my life, I get so busy with family and catching up, that I even question whether God remembers who I am. Sometimes it's so busy I wonder who I am, so I figure with all that God has to keep track of, how can He keep track of me and my prayers?A few months ago my husband and I decided to go out to dinner at the last minute. We were seated in a far back corner, and I heard an infant near the entrance babbling. I was a child care provider for 15 years, so baby sounds are joyful and welcome sounds to me. But this baby's talking got louder and louder. "That sounds like Owen," I told my husband. Owen is our grandson, who was 5-6 months old at that time. My husband nodded, with that "you're imagining things" look.Finally, after a few more minutes I sent my son a text message asking where they were. He was in training and didn't reply. While the baby kept talking, I was more determined that it was my precious little guy. I tried to ignore the noise, ordered my dinner, then got up and started searching for the voice. I'd begun to believe my husband was right, I was imagining things. I'd heard hundreds of babies over the years, so why would one sound any different than all of the others?And then I found him, my Owen. He saw me at about the same time and started squealing with delight. That night, hearing that one voice, and being so certain that it wasn't just "some" baby, it was "my" grandson, convinced me that God indeed knows my voice when I call out to Him. And He, too, will go in search of me in my time of need.No one will ever convince me that my grandson didn't see us walk in the door, passing behind his mom and other grandmother while they were busy taking care of him and his older brother. I'm convinced that Owen was calling us and wasn't going to give up until we found him. So now, when I wonder if God's really listening, I remind myself of that night. I remind myself to have the faith of a child, never-doubting, not about to give up. I am His precious child, He is always listening.


  1. I think it's cool that out of all the voices, you heard your grandson. I feel that way when I'm at Chuckie Cheese and I've lost track of my four-year-old and I just pause and listen.

  2. My sister and I do exactly this when we babysit for 2 families. They're related, but it totals 7 to 9 kids. We're in a pretty big house. So, the noises are very familiar to us by now. We know when Jack or Kelly aren't in the room, for example! Lol! You just know....

  3. What a profound and touching post, Carol! Thanks for sharing.



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