Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Only 120 days of shopping left till Christmas

Okay, you're probably thinking what in the world is she thinking. Christmas? It's hot outside. The trees are green. The flowers are blooming. My kids have gone to the pool to swim. Christmas is months and months away. Well, yeah, but as I was thinking about a post for today, I remembered when I was teaching (I would be in school by now) I usually had most of my Christmas shopping done by this time. I spent the summer months shopping for the holidays because I didn't have much time in November and December--teaching, writing and doing family activities.

The tree above is my flamingo tree. It's in my office, and I keep it up all year round even though it was supposed to be a Christmas tree.

So my question to you is when do you do your Christmas shopping? I shop now in October and November. I do get a few last minute things in December, but I like to avoid crowds if possible. I never go shopping the day after Thanksgiving.


  1. Hey Margaret,

    I actually shop year-round, picking up gifts when we travel on vacations or as I'm out with friends. I have a special hiding place where I "stock pile" the gifts so my kids don't find them. So far thos sneaky little ones haven't found it! Amy

  2. Amy, that was what I tried to do. I don't as much as I used to because the grandkids' needs change.

  3. I have already ask my 6 year old to be thinking about what she wants for Christmas. I haven't started yet but I normally start in Sept or Oct. So not to much longer.

  4. I shop year round, much like Amy, and when I see something that fits a person, I buy it and store it in the Christmas closet.

  5. I usually start the Monday after Thanksgiving. I don't usually brave black Friday. If I wait till Monday, then the malls are empty! :)

    I love your tree, Margaret!



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