Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Lovin'...

If you're a woman (or married to one!) the odds are you have probably seen the movie Grease.

I'm a huge fan. I remember watching it as a child with my older sister and my mom. My dad worked nights a lot when I was in elementary school and he couldn't STAND the songs, so we'd watch the movie until midnight when he got home, and then scurry off to our rooms all innocent, like "we weren't watching anyhing...." It was a huge joke in our family.

Now, looking back, I can't believe my mom let me watch that movie that young!! All those innuendos...haha! But, I didn't understand any of them then - I just loved the pink sweaters, the slick hair dos, the bouncy music, the poodle skirts...

My favorite song from the soundtrack is the duet "Summer Nights". I've memorized it over the years and can sing both the male and female parts, and have even attempted to hit the high notes at the end (privately of course, and usually dogs barked afterward from the shock to their ears!)
Anyway, all that to say, this summer, my sweet hubby and I celebrated 5 years of our own summer lovin'. We were married on August 6th, 2004 at the ages of 19 and 20. Now we're 24 and 25 years old, have been married 5 years, have a beautiful 13 month old daughter, and lovin' each other and our lives more and more every day.

I had to take my post opportunity to brag on him. He planned our anniversary celebration this year and wanted to go all out. Talk about going all out! He did good - surprised me with a stretch Hummer - not just a limo! A fancy dinner out to a nice steakhouse, a stay in one of the cities' finest hotel suites...and even spoiled me with a diamond anniversary ring! What a keeper!

This is my favorite part - we got to the hotel and he said he had one more surprise. He wanted to show me his support of my writing, especially now that I'm a full time stay-at-home, write-at-home mom. I joked "What you'd get me, Nicholas Sparks?"

Even better. A brand new laptop! What a man. I'm the proud owner of a brand new Gateway. When I said we had to name it (Hubby no longer looks at me weird, as I name EVERYTHING. My car is Ella, by the way) he immediately said "Annie."

"Annie? Why?"

He smiled. "For ANNIversary."

That's why our marriage works, right there. =)

Here's some pics of the big event!


  1. He sounds like a keeper. It also sounds like you guys had a wonderful anniversary. Congrats.

  2. Wow!! Happy anniversary! And so glad you got Annie! LOL So cute. And what a fantastic guy.

    BTW, I love my Gateway!!


  3. Happy, happy, happy anniversary!!!! You guys sound like the dream couple...I can't wait until I get that : )

  4. Betsy, I had the pleasure of seeing Grease in its short run on Broadway and really enjoyed it. I loved the movie too, of course!


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