Monday, August 17, 2009

Where everyone knows your name

Janet Tronstad here. I've been spending the month with my parents at their farm in Montana and am reconnecting with people I used to know decades ago (for various reasons, several of my old classmates are moving back to the area). I'm also working on a book with a 'belonging' theme. It all reminds me of the old Cheers program with the tagline 'Where everyone knows my name." I believe we all search for a place like that. The community here in Montana is place for me like that. They not only know my name, but the names of all my relatives, too! Sometimes that good, sometimes not so much -- but that's the way it is. What about you? Is there a place where you go and everyone knows your name?


  1. Janet, belonging/being known is one of my favorite themes to write about.

    I feel that sense of belonging at my church. Especially with certain groups within the church--the choir, Bible study group and Sunday School class. :)

    It sounds like you're having a wonderful visit!

  2. Missy -- thanks. I am having a wonderful time up here. Montana is beautiful and green right now from lots of rain (not always so).

  3. Oh, you are in Montana! I used to tell the Lord if Heaven was full when I die, please send me to Montana. lol Gorgeous place.

  4. It is that way for me all over my town! I lve in a pretty small town. However, my relatives have been in the area since...the beginning! They helped start and build the town I'm in. So, everywhere I go...I'm known : )

  5. Linda -- you sound like a Montana native! People here really like living here.

    Hannah -- That's great that everyone knows you (usually LOL).


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