Monday, August 31, 2009

Julie and Julia

I rarely get to go to the movies. It's even more rare that I go and enjoy a movie from start to finish. I've actually gone to two movies this month... No, wait, I've gone to four!!!! Friday night my best friend Cathy (and her mother) and I went to see Julie and Julia. Wow. No, it did not inspire me to learn to cook. My breakfast specialty is poptart: chocolate. For lunch I pack Mikey a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a cheese stick, Scooby Doo cookies, applesauce, and a drink (plus a Spiderman napkin). Dinner is the big meal of the day. Tonight we had ham and hash brown (who knew I was out of macaroni and cheese!). Tomorrow, for dinner it will be pork chops and scalloped potatoes (from a box).

From the Julie part, I learned a lot about feeling lost and determination.
From the Julia part, I learned about laughing at life, being comfortable with being bigger than life (Okay, so now you know I'm chubby), and that sometimes being a leader means voicing tough decisions.

From the movie theater I learned that one out of every ten people cannot bear to be separated from their cell phones during the course of a movie. It's like little matches flickering through the theater, drawing my attention momentarily off the movie. Arg.

Oh, you want to know about the other three movies. Okay, three weeks ago I went to the new Harry Potter (gasp!). I love, love, loved it. I also went to Ice Age (Mikey liked it), and I went to G-force (Not sure Mikey got it).

The previews for Julia and Julie showed an upcoming romance with Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker. It involves the Witness Protection Program. Truly a draw for a suspense writer. Ya wanna go with me?

So, what did you think of Julie and Julia?
So, can you turn off your cell phone during a movie?
And, what upcoming movie sounds good to you?


  1. I have been married 48 years and I hate to cook, so I really don't care to see that movie, LOL It is so hard to think of something evry day, wish I had a cook LOL We go and spend a forturn at the gro store and don't have anything when we get home except cleaning stuff, at least my house is clean even if there is no food in the ref. I am making a chicken casserole to day so easy, I use chicken tenders, cream of chicken soup and a stove top stuffing, (soaked) and bake so easy and really good.


  2. Truly, the movie was about more than cooking. But, Edna, I wish I had a cook, too.
    Tell me more about the chicken casserole!

  3. I want to see this movie really bad! Lol! I own the book, but haven't read it yet...
    Yes, I can definitely turn my phone off. I always do out of courtesy.
    I don't really know what movies I'm looking forward to...? Oh! I know! I REALLY want to see The Time Traveler's Wife! It has Rachel McAdams in it and she is an amazing actress! I also want to see the new Nicholas Spark novel to movie that'll be out in the beginning of 2010. Have you seen the other ones? So sad! : (

  4. Pamela,
    I saw Julie and Julia. I loved it, and I didn't have my cell phone. Even when I have it, I forget to turn it on--mainly because we get terrible reception at our house. I have to go out in the backyard to use it. Anyway, back to movies. I'm looking forward to the Hugh Grant movie, too.

    I wasn't inspired to cook, but I'm getting the itch to have a blog of my own. But then I remember why I don't. It takes me too long to write just one blog.

  5. Hannah, let me know how the book is... I might want to read it.

  6. Merrellee,
    I wouldn't mind my own blog, mainly because I like journaling. But, I don't want to add anything else to my tag line. It's already too full. Wow, full is good.

  7. Hi Pamela!
    Okay, I'll let you know. However it is in my TBR pile and we all know how that is ; )

  8. I loved Julie and Julia but was a little unhappy with the ending!

  9. Yes, I agree Betsy. I wanted them to meet! It kinda ended on a diss for Julia. But, still, I was so into the characters. It was like reading a harlequin. Now I want to know if Julie and her husband have children (cuz you and I know, little ones are even better than food and blogging).


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